Polarized sources and targets [electronic resource] : proceedings of the ninth international workshop ; Nashville, Indiana, USA, 30 September-4 October, 2001 / editors, Vladimir P. Derenchuk, Barbara von Przewoski.

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River Edge, N.J. : World Scientific, c2002.
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International Workshop on Polarized Sources and Targets (9th : 2001 : Nashville, Ind.)
International Workshop Polarized Sources and Targets

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This book is an up-to-date survey of the science and technology of creating polarized beams and polarized targets. The papers in this collection describe state-of-the-art sources of polarized electrons, ions, atoms, neutrons, and radioactive isotopes, discuss new polarized solid and gas target techniques, present recent advances in polarimetry, and review the use of polarized gas in medical imaging.
I. Polarized gas targets. Overview of gas target development (Invited) / F. Rathmann
Nuclear polarization of recombined hydrogen atoms (Invited) / T. Wise ... [et al.]
The gaseous polarized H-D target of the HERMES experiment / P. Lenisa on behalf of the HERMES collaboration
Status of the Michigan ultra-cold polarized hydrogen jet target / V.G. Luppov ... [et al.]
The BLAST polarized H/D target / H. Kolster ... [et al.]
Studies on beam formation in the HERMES - ABS / A. Nass ... [et al.]
The polarized gas target for the ANKE spectrometer at COSY/Jülich / M. Mikirtytchiants ... [et al.]
A Lamb-shift polarimeter for the polarized target at ANKE / R. Engels ... [et al.]
A vector and tensor polarized internal deuterium target for the IUCF cooler / B.v. Przewoski ... [et al.]
Status of the Novosibirsk polarized deuteron target / M.V. Dyug ... [et al.]
The Jefferson lab polarized [symbol]He target system / K. Kramer for the Jefferson Lab Polarized [symbol]He collaboration
The storage cell for the TRI-experiment at COSY-Jülich / O. Felden ... [et al.]
Laser driven H/D target at MIT-Bates / C. Crawford ... [et al.]
The Erlangen laser driven source for polarized hydrogen and deuterium / J. Wilbert ... [et al.]
II. Polarized solid targets. Development on dynamic nuclear polarized targets (Invited) / S.I. Penttilä
Progress on the LEGS polarized HD target (Invited) / M.M. Lowry ... [et al.]
High precision measurement of target polarization in solid state targets With NMR / G. Court, M.A. Houlden, and D.G. Crabb
On the hunt for the most efficient paramagnetic center for the DNP process / St. Goertz ... [et al.]
Polarized protons domains in matter / B. van den Brandt ... [et al.]
Status of Michigan polarized proton target / D.G. Crabb ... [et al.]
Construction of a frozen spin polarized deuteron target at the TUNL HIGS facility for investigations of the Gerasimov-Drell-Hearn sum rule / D.G. Haase and D.M. Markoff
Development of polarized solid proton target for RI beam experiment / T. Wakui ... [et al.]
III. Polarized electron sources. Overview of polarized electron source progress (Invited) / K. Aulenbacher
Cold electrons from GaAs (Cs, O) / D.A. Orlov ... [et al.]
Photoemission from strained GaAsP with a high power diode laser at MIT-Bates linear accelerator center / M. Farkhondeh ... [et al.]
Polarized emission from strained superlattices / A.D. Andreev ... [et al.]
A pulsed polarized electron source for atomic physics experiments / C.D. Schröter ... [et al.]
Emission from semiconductor photocathodes at high intensity inhomogeneous excitation / B.I. Reznikov and A.V. Subashiev
Charge limitation effects in photoemission from GaAsP strained layer cathode / A. Subashiev ... [et al.].
IV. Polarized ion sources. Polarized ion source progress: past achievements! Future aspirations? (Invited) / T.B. Clegg
An optically-pumped polarized H ion source for RHIC SPIN physics / A. Zelenski ... [et al.]
New developments at the polarized ion source of COSY-JÜLICH / O. Felden ... [et al.]
Development of polarized hydrogen ion source with resonant charge-exchange plasma ionizer at INR, Moscow / A.S. Belov ... [et al.]
Recent Improvements in CIPIOS Intensity and Operation / V.P. Derenchuk and A.S. Belov
A HERMES type Stern-Gerlach source with ECR ionizer and charge exchange in cesium vapour for intense ion beams of negative deuterium / R. Hertenberger ... [et al.]
Design criteria for polarized sources / D. Eversheim ... [et al.]
Cryogenic source of polarized deuterons POLARIS for the JINR accelerator nuclotron / V.P. Ershov ... [et al.]
V. Sources of polarized neutrons. Overview of polarized neutron sources (Invited) / T.R. Gentile
Polarized neutron facility at RCNP / H. Sakai ... [et al.]
Development of polarized [symbol]He-based neutron spin filters at IUCF (abstract only) / W.M. Snow ... [et al.]
Development and tests of [symbol]He neutron spin filters and construction of a filling station (abstract only) / A. Gorzel ... [et al.]
VI. Polarimetry. Measuring the proton beam polarization beyond 1 GeV (Invited) / Y.I. Makdisi
An overview of electron polarimeters and an intercomparison (Invited) / J.M. Grames
Opaque SPIN filters - a new tool for precise neutron polarimetry (Invited) / P. Hautle ... [et al.]
A high-energy photon polarimeter based on pair production / M.H. Wood ... [et al.]
A high precision scanning polarimeter for the TRIUMF proton-proton parity violation experiment / W.D. Ramsay ... [et al.]
A polarimeter for proton beams with a very low duty factor / E.J. Stephenson ... [et al.]
RHIC pC CNI polarimeter, current status and future plans / I.G. Alekseev ... [et al.]
Development of a polarized deuteron beam for the IUCF cooler / E.J. Stephenson ... [et al.]
VII. Applications and new techniques. Interaction of nuclear SPIN polarized atoms with solid surfaces (Invited) / D. Fick
Biomedical MRI with laser polarized gases (Invited) / T. Chupp
A highly polarized [symbol]Li[symbol] ion beam at ISAC / C.D.P. Levy ... [et al.]
Optical pumping at the ISAC polarizer / A. Hatakeyama ... [et al.]
n[symbol]d scattering measurements with the TUNL dynamically polarized deuteron target / D.M. Markoff ... [et al.]
The GDH experiment at Bonn / G. Reicherz for the GDH collaboration
VIII. Summary talk. Summary of the workshop on polarized sources and targets - PST2001 / E. Steffens.
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Derenchuk, Vladimir P.
Von Przewoski, Barbara.