Cassandra data modeling and analysis : design, build, and analyze your data intricately using Cassandra / C. Y. Kan ; cover image by Suyog Gharat.

Kan, C. Y., author.
Birmingham, [England] : Packt Publishing, 2014.
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1st edition
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If you are interested in Cassandra and want to develop real-world analysis applications, then this book is perfect for you. It would be helpful to have prior knowledge of NoSQL database.
Cover; Copyright; Credits; About the Author; About the Reviewers;; Table of Contents; Preface; Chapter 1: Bird's Eye View of Cassandra; What is NoSQL?; NoSQL Database types; Key/value pair store; Column-family store; Document-based repository; Graph database; What is Cassandra?; Google Big Table; Amazon Dynamo; Cassandra's high-level architecture; Partitioning; Replication; Snitch; Seed node; Gossip and Failure detection; Write path; Read path; Repair mechanism; Features of Cassandra; Summary; Chapter 2: Cassandra Data Modeling; What is unique to the Cassandra data model?
Map and Sorted Map Logical data structure; Column; Row; Column family; Keyspace; Super column and super column family; Collections; No foreign key; No join; No sequence; Counter; Time-To-Live; Secondary index; Modeling by query; Relational version; Cassandra version; Data modeling considerations; Data duplication; Sorting; Wide row; Bucketing; Valueless column; Time-series data; Cassandra Query Language; Summary; Chapter 3: CQL Data Types; Introduction to CQL; CQL statements; CQL command-line client - cqlsh; Native data types; Cassandra implementation; A not-so-long example; ASCII; Bigint; BLOB
Boolean Decimal; Double; Float; Inet; Int; Text; Timestamp; Timeuuid; UUID; Varchar; Varint; Counter; Collections; Set; List; Map; User-defined type and tuple type; Summary; Chapter 4: Indexes; Primary index; Compound primary key and composite partition key; Time-series data; Partitioner; Murmur 3 Partitioner; Random Partitioner; Byte Ordered Partitioner; Paging and token function; Secondary indexes; Multiple secondary indexes; Secondary index do's and don'ts; Summary; Chapter 5: First-cut Design and Implementation; Stock Screener Application; An introduction to financial analysis; Stock quote data
Initial data model Processing flow; System design; The operating system; Java Runtime Environment; Java Native Access; Cassandra version; Programming language; Cassandra driver; The integrated development environment; The system overview; Code design and development; Data Feed Provider; Collecting stock quote; Transforming data; Storing data in Cassandra; Putting them all together; Stock Screener; Data Scoper; Time-series data; The screening rule; The Stock Screener engine; Test run; Summary; Chapter 6: Enhancing a Version; Evolving the data model; The enhancement approach; Watch List
Alert List Adding the descriptive stock name; Queries on alerts; Enhancing the code; Data Mapper and Archiver; Stock Screener Engine; Queries on Alerts; Implementing system changes; Summary; Chapter 7: Deployment and Monitoring; Replication strategies; Data replication; Simple Strategy; Network Topology Strategy; Setting up the cluster for Stock Screener Application; System and network configuration; Global settings; Configuration procedure; Legacy data migration procedure; Deploying the Stock Screener Application; Monitoring; Nodetool; JMX and MBeans; The system log; Performance tuning
Java virtual machine
Includes index.
Description based on online resource; title from PDF title page (ebrary, viewed January 17, 2015).
Gharat, Suyog, cover designer.