Jobs or privileges : unleashing the employment potential of the Middle East and North Africa / Marc Schiffbauer [and four others].

Washington, District of Columbia : World Bank Group, 2015.
MENA development report.
MENA Development Report
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Labor market -- Middle East.
Labor market -- Africa, North.
Manpower policy -- Middle East.
Manpower policy -- Africa, North.
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The report Jobs or Privileges: Unleashing the Employment Potential of the Middle East and North Africa shows that policies that lower competition and create an uneven playing field are common and constrain private sector job creation. These policies take different forms across countries and sectors but share several common features: They limit free entry in the domestic market, exclude certain firms from government programs, increase regulatory burden and uncertainty on the majority of firms, insulate certain firms and sectors from foreign competition, and create incentives that discourage dom
Cover; Contents; Acknowledgments; About the Authors and Contributors; Abbreviations; Overview; Introduction; Notes; 1 Too Little Too Late: Private Sector Growth and Labor Demand; Economic Growth Has Been Moderate and Job Growth Weak; Figures; 1.1 Decomposition of GDP Per Capita Growth in MENA and Other Developing Regions; 1.2 Structural Change across Regions and among MENA Countries, 2000-05; 1.3 Correlation between Entry and Exit Rates across Two-Digit Sectors; Boxes; 1.1 Is Structural Change in Morocco Gender-Biased?; B1.1.1 Reallocation of Labor across Sectors, by Gender, 2000-11
1.4 Demographic Change and Composition of Working-Age Population1.5 Employment Share, by Firm Size; 1.6 Distribution of Employment across Nonagriculture Sectors; 1.7 Percentage Change in Share of Employment in Medium and Large Establishments; Tables; 1.1 Employment Transition Matrix; 1.8 Employment Transition, by Firm Size; 1.9 Incidence of Gazelles in All Sectors and Manufacturing; 1.10 Share of Jobs Created by Gazelles and Nongazelles in All Sectors and in the Manufacturing Sector; Drivers of Job Growth: Young Firms and Productive Firms Create More Jobs; 1.2 Who Create More Jobs?
1.11 Net Job Creation, by Firm Size and Age1.2 Sectors with the Highest Rate of Job Growth across Countries; 1.12 Net Job Creation, by Firm Size before and after Controlling for Firm Age; 1.13 Net Job Creation, by Firm Age after Controlling for Firm Size; 1.14 Employment Growth Is Strongest in First 4-5 Years after Firm Entry; 1.15 Employment Growth over a Firm's Life Cycle for All Nonfarm Sectors; 1.16 Characteristics of Gazelles in the Arab Republic of Egypt, Lebanon, and Morocco; 1.3 More Productive Firms Create More Jobs; MENA Needs a Larger Pool of Young Firms and Productive Firms
1.17 Entry Density of Formal Sector Limited-Liability Firms across Regions and Countries, 2004-121.18 Firm Turnover across Countries; 1.19 Survival Rates Five Years after Entry; 1.20 Employment Share of Young Medium or Large Establishments; 1.21 Distribution of Employment, by Firm Size and Age across All Nonfarm Establishments: Arab Republic of Egypt and Turkey, 2006; 1.22 Labor Productivity Growth over the Life Cycle of Manufacturing Establishments; 1.23 Gap between Weighted and Unweighted Labor Productivity; 1.24 Productivity, by Firm Size in Tunisia, Lebanon, and Turkey
1.3 Firm Dynamics and Productivity Growth in MoroccoNotes; B1.3.1 Decomposition of Firm Productivity Growth in Morocco's Manufacturing Sector, 1996-2006; References; 2 Distorted Dynamics: The Impact of Policies on Firm Dynamics and Job Growth; Attracting FDI in Services Sparked Job Growth in Domestic Firms in Jordan; 2.1 Share of FDI Inflows, by Sector, Selected MENA Countries, 2003-10; 2.1 FDI into Services Sectors Is Often Restricted in MENA Countries; B2.1.1 Service Trade Restriction Index, by Sector and Region; B2.1.2 Service Trade Restrictions in Transportation Services in MENA, 2008
2.2 Mobility Restrictions Reduces Competition and Job Growth in the West Bank
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Schiffbauer, Marc, author.
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