Above and beyond the segments : experimental linguistics and phonetics / edited by Johanneke Caspers [and five others], Leiden University.

Amsterdam ; Philadelphia : John Benjamins Publishing Company, [2014]
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Linguistics, Experimental.
Phonetics, Experimental.
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This paper investigates the role of affricates in the phonotactics of English, andnotes that these segments behave differently from stops and differently fromfricatives. This is taken as evidence against the proposal that affricates cannotform a natural class by themselves, which is inherent in the so-called "StopApproach" to the representation of affricates. Two other cases from the literature,from Pengo and Cimbrian German, provide additional evidence againstthis approach.
Above and Beyond the Segments; Title page; LCC data; Dedication page; Table of contents; Foreword; Tone and stress in North-West Indo-Aryan: A survey; Introduction; Hindi-Urdu; Punjabi-type tone languages; Shina-type languages; Kalami-type languages; Conclusion; Acknowledgement; References; Whose voice is that? Challenges in forensic phonetics; 1. Introduction: Methodology in forensic speaker recognition (FSR); 2. The domain of phonetics; 3. The relevance of voice and voice quality; 4. Voice recognition in the human brain; 5. The challenge; 6. "Blind grouping"; 6.1 Set-up of blind grouping
6.2 Discussion of blind grouping7. Conclusion; Final note; References; Appendix; Pitch accent placement in Dutch as a second language: An exploratory investigation; Introduction; Background; Plastic versus non-plastic accentuation; The relevance of appropriate pitch accent locations for speech processing; Non-native prosody: Accentuation in L2 speech; Research question and approach; L2 Speakers; Labeling procedure; Results; Discussion; Conclusion; Acknowledgments; References; The problems of adverbs in Zulu; 1. Introduction; Preliminaries; Focus and IAV; Conjoint-disjoint verb forms
Relative clauses (Cheng & Downing, 2007)2. Adverbs in neutral contexts; Single adverb; Multiple adverbs; Ordering between the adverbs; 3. Prosodic phrasing in Zulu; 4. Focus and adverbs; The syntax of IAV; The conjoint-disjoint distinction; 5. Towards an analysis; Adverbs following conjoint verbs; Non-focused adverbs; Focused adverbs; 6. Conclusion; References; Meaningful grammar is binary, local, anti-symmetric, recursive and incomplete; 1. Introduction; 2. The mean machine runs on grammar; 3. Binarity, locality and anti-symmetry converge in meaningful analysis
3.1 Binarity computes discontinuity and complexity3.2 Locality favours conservation of information; 3.3 Anti-symmetry accounts for semantic composition; 3.4 Binarity, Locality and Anti-symmetry are independent; 4. Grammar is recursive and of course incomplete; 4.1 Recursion stands for computable meaning; 4.2 Grammar is incomplete in its own way; 5. Grammar is not language but knowledge of language; Acknowledgements; References; How prosody is both mandatory and optional; Introduction; The case of lexical stress; The case of focal accent; Prosody - a separate dimension?; Acknowledgements
ReferencesNo stress typology; Introduction; Merger, and a sneak preview; On the absence of stress in Austronesian languages; Conclusion; Acknowledgements; References; The effect of pause insertion on the intelligibility of Danish among Swedes; 1. Introduction; 2. Research on the effects of pause insertion on the intelligibility of low-quality speech; 3. Danish; 4. Method and materials; 4.1 Sentences; 4.2 Recordings; 4.3 Subjects; 4.4 Experiment; 4.5 Analysis; 5. Results; 6. Conclusions and discussion; References; Intonation, bias and Greek NPIs: A perception experiment; Introduction
"This volume contains a wide variety of contributions presented to Vincent van Heuven, Professor of Experimental Linguistics and Phonetics at Leiden University, by his colleagues and former PhD students, on the occasion of his retirement in 2014, as a celebration of his prolific scientific career."
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Caspers, Johanna, 1960- editor.
Heuven, Vincent van, honouree.
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