New horizons in mobile and wireless communications. Vol. 4, Ad hoc networks and PANs / Ramjee Prasad, Albena Mihovska, editors.

Boston : Artech House, ©2009.
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Artech House mobile communications series.
Mobile communication series
[Piscataqay, New Jersey] : IEEE Xplore, [2009]

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Ad hoc networks and PANs
Wireless communication systems.
Mobile communication systems.
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Based on cutting-edge research projects in the field, this book (part of a comprehensive 4-volume series) provides the latest details and covers the most impactful aspects of mobile, wireless, and broadband communications development. These books present key systems and enabling technologies in a clear and accessible manner, offering you a detailed roadmap the future evolution of next generation communications. Other volumes cover Radio Interfaces; Networks, Services and Applications; and Reconfigurability. Publisher abstract.
New Horizons in Mobile and Wireless Communications: Volume 4 Ad Hoc Networks and PANs; Contents; Acknowledgments; Chapter 1 Introduction; 1.1 Wireless Ad Hoc Networks; 1.1.1 Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs); 1.1.2 Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs); 1.2 Wireless Mesh Networks; 1.2.1 Wireless Mesh Backhaul Design; 1.2.2 Multihop Concepts in Next Generation Wide Area Systems; 1.2.3 Classification of Ad Hoc Networks; 1.3 Pervasive Communications and Systems; 1.4 Preview of the Book; References; Chapter 2 Protocols and Algorithms for Ad Hoc Networks; 2.1 Introduction; 2.2 Routing
2.2.1 Models and Algorithms for Routing and Forwarding in MANETs2.2.2 Multicast Routing Protocols; 2.2.3 Routing/Forwarding in Infrastructure-Based Multihop Networks; 2.3 Protocols and Algorithms for Self-Organizing and Opportunistic Networks; 2.3.1 Protocols and Algorithms for Sensor Networks; 2.3.2 Self-Organization and Topology Control; 2.4 Conclusions; References; Chapter 3 Technologies for Capacity Enhancement; 3.1 Introduction; 3.1.1 Channel Network Capacity; 3.1.2 Diversity; 3.1.3 Scheduling, Resource Allocation, and Power Control; 3.1.4 Cross-Layer Techniques
3.2 Enhancing the Performance of Relay Systems3.2.1 Distributed Coding Strategies; 3.2.2 Coded Bidirectional Relaying; 3.2.3 Cooperative Cyclic Diversity; 3.2.4 Fixed-Relay Assisted User Cooperation; 3.2.5 Joint Routing and Resource Partitioning; 3.3 Performance Enhancements for Wireless Mesh Networks; 3.3.1 Scheduling Algorithms for Wireless Backhaul Networks; 3.3.2 Cross-Layer Framework for Wireless Mesh Networks; 3.4 Capacity Enhancements in WPANs; 3.4.1 Parent-Child Communication Model and Its Limitations; 3.4.2 Parent-Child Scheduling Solution; 3.4.3 Capacity Analysis; 3.5 Conclusions
ReferencesChapter 4 Context Aware and Secure Personalized Communications; 4.1 Introduction; 4.1.1 Personalization and Individualization of Devices and Services; 4.1.2 Requirements for Ad Hoc Network and Service Architectures; 4.2 Context-Aware Service Discovery; 4.2.1 Context-Awareness for PNs; 4.2.2 Distributed Service Discovery for WSNs; 4.3 Data Aggregation and Fusion; 4.3.1 Resource Management Through Network Traffic Management; 4.3.2 Distributed Data Aggregation; 4.4 Adaptive Security Framework; 4.4.1 Requirements for Security, Privacy, and Trust; 4.4.2 Analysis and Evaluation
4.5 ConclusionsReferences; Chapter 5 Network and Enabling Architectures; 5.1 Introduction; 5.1.1 Seamless Integration of Broadcast; 5.1.2 Mobility Support; 5.1.3 QoS Support; 5.1.4 Security, Privacy, and Trust; 5.1.5 Device Architectures; 5.2 Networking and Enabling Architectures for Personal Networks; 5.2.1 PN Networking Functionalities; 5.2.2 PN Link Layer Functionality; 5.2.3 PN Service Layer Functionality; 5.2.4 PN Context Management Functionality; 5.2.5 Networking Aspects of the PN-F; 5.2.6 PN Interactions with External Service Frameworks; 5.3 Architectures for WSN
5.3.1 Hybrid Hierarchical Architecture
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Prasad, Ramjee.
Mihovska, Albena.
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