Lamastu : an edition of the canonical series of Lamastu incantations and rituals and related texts from the second and first millennia B.C. / Walter Farber.

Farber, Walter, 1947- author.
Winona Lake, Indiana : Eisenbrauns, 2014.
1 online resource (489 p.)
Mesopotamian civilizations ; 17.
Mesopotamian Civilizations ; 17

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Lamashtu (Assyro-Babylonian deity).
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Lamaštu was one of the most important Mesopotamian demons, playing a dominant role in the magico-religious and magico-medical beliefs and practices of ancient Mesopotamia for nearly two millennia. Yet, she has never been the subject of a scholarly monograph dedicated to the textual and visual evidence for her, her activities, and the measures that ancient magical specialists took to counter her. This volume also falls short of this description, because it covers only one part of the material: it is an edition of the textual record only, which is, however, collected here as completely as seems possible today. Walter Farber, who has studied these materials for decades, presents a comprehensive collection of all of the known texts, the texts of the primary incantations in a “score” format, and transliteration and translation of a number of ancillary texts. This much-awaited volume will fill the void in the literature on this aspect of the life and thought of ancient Mesopotamian peoples regarding the character of this malevolent creature and the means of warding off the threat that she posed.
""Contents""; ""Lamastu , Daughter of Anu: A Sketch""; ""The Lamastu Texts: Ancient History""; ""Lamastu Texts in the Third and Second Millennia b.c.""; ""Early Sumerian Lamastu Incantations""; ""Akkadian Lamastu ¡tu Texts from the OA and OB Periods""; ""Lamastu Texts from the MB Period""; ""Lamastu Texts in the First Millennium b.c.""; ""The Canonical Lamastu Series""; ""An Early Canonical Version in the 13th Century?""; ""Different Recensions in the First Millennium""; ""The uppu Recension (Assur and Babylonia)""; ""The pirsu Recension (Nineveh and Sultantepe)""
""Ni/Si and Possible Other Recensions""""The Colophons of Tablets belonging to the Lam. Series""; ""Excerpt Texts and Adaptations of Passages from the Canonical Lam. Series""; ""Canonical Incantations Used in Other Ritual Contexts""; ""School Tablets Containing Excerpts from the Lamastu Series""; ""Excerpts and Adaptations from Lam. III""; ""Lamastu Amulets""; ""Other SB Lamastu Incantations and Rituals""; ""Non-Canonical Lamastu Incantations in a Variety of Ritual Settings""; ""ND: Another SB Connection to the Middle Babylonian Compendium Ug""Lamastu Lamastu
""SKS: Assyrian Influence in Uruk?""""RA: A Multi-Use Lamastu Incantation""; ""144, STT 145, and FsB: More Non-Canonical Lamastu Texts from NA Libraries""; ""Non-Canonical Rituals With Ties to the Lamastu Corpus""; ""Appendix""; ""The Lamastu Texts: Recent History""; ""The Beginnings in the 19th Century: Lamastu Amulets""; ""The First Texts""; ""From Myhrman to Geers""; ""Franz KÃcher: Dissertation (1948) and CAD manuscript (1974)""; ""New Discoveries Since 1977""; ""Manuscript Sources""; ""Part I: The Canonical Lamastu Series (Lam. IIII)""
""1.1.Duplicate Texts to the Series""""1.2. Parallel Texts Used in the Reconstruction of the Canonical Series""; ""1.2.1. Parallels Excerpted from the Canonical Text""; ""1.2.2. Independent Parallels""; ""Part II: Lamastu Incantations and Rituals That Are Not Part of the SB Series (Non-Canonical Lam.)""; ""2.1.Non-Canonical OB and OA Lamastu Incantations""; ""2.2.MBLamastu Texts from Peripheral Areas Not Directly Related to the Series""; ""2.3.Other SB Lamastu Incantations and Rituals""; ""Part III:Appendix""; ""Table I.Previous Publications""
""Table II. List of Museum and Excavation Numbers""""Table III. Concordance between Lam. III and Lam. III (Rituals and Incipits)""; ""Table IV: Index to Separate Transliterations, Transcriptions, and Translations of Parallels and Related Texts that have not been fully incorporated into the canonical text of Lam. IIII.""; ""The Texts: Edition""; ""Part I: The Canonical Lamastu Series (Lam. IIII)""; ""Transliteration in Score Format*""; ""Lam. I (= 1. pirsu)""; ""Lam. II (= 2. pirsu)""; ""Lam. III (= 3. pirsu)""; ""Transcription and Translation""
""Lam. I (= 1. pirsu)""
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