Recent developments in theoretical physics [electronic resource] / editors by Subir Ghosh & Guruprasad Kar.

Singapore ; London : World Scientific, 2009.
1 online resource (438 p.)
Statistical science and interdisciplinary research ; v. 9.
Statistical science and interdisciplinary research, 1793-6195 ; v. 9
Platinum jubilee series

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This volume covers recent developments in the major areas of theoretical physics. The scope of the book ranges from small length scale (High Energy Physics, Neutrinos ...) through medium scale (Nuclear Physics) to large length scale (Condensed Matter Physics) up to classical and quantum Black Hole Physics. It also deals with topics in nonlinear physics, econophysics, new ideas in quantum mechanics, quantum information and quantum computation.
Contents; Foreword; Preface; 1. Is the End of Theoretical Physics Really in Sight? A. Khare; Contents; 1.1. Research vs Teaching instead of Research and Teaching in India; 1.2. Is End of Theoretical Physics in Sight?; 1.3. Remarkable Developments in Physics from 1900 to 1979; 1.4. Developments From 1980 to 2007; 1.4.1. Revolution in Information Technology; 1.5. Was Hawking Right In His Assertion?; 1.6. Conclusions; References; Relativity, Gravitation and Astro-Particle Physics; 2. Holography, CFT and Black Hole Entropy P. Majumdar; Contents; 2.1. Introduction; 2.2. Holographic Hypothesis
2.3. Weakly Isolated Horizons 2.4. Loop Quantum Gravity : Spin Network Basis in brief; 2.5. Quantum Isolated Horizon; 2.5.1. Counting of CS states; 2.6. Low-tech way : It from Bit; 2.7. Radiant Black Holes; 2.7.1. Saddle Point Approximation; 2.7.2. Schwarzschild Black Hole; 2.7.3. AdS Schwarzschild Black Hole; 2.8. Questions Yet to be Resolved; References; 3. Hawking Radiation, Elective Actions and Anomalies R. Banerjee; Contents; 3.1. Introduction; 3.2. General Discussion on Covariant and Consistent Anomalies; 3.3. Covariant Gauge Anomaly and Charge Flux
3.4. Consistent Gauge Anomaly and Charge Flux 3.5. Covariant Gravitational Anomaly and Energy-Momentum Flux; 3.6. Effective Actions and Unruh Vacuum; 3.6.1. Charge and Energy Flux; 3.6.2. Connection with Unruh vacuum; 3.7. Higher Spin Anomaly and Hawking Flux; 3.8. Discussions; Acknowledgment; References; 4. Probing Dark Matter in Primordial Black Holes A. S. Majumdar; Contents; 4.1. Introduction; 4.2. Primordial Black Holes in Standard Cosmology; 4.3. Black Holes in Alternate Gravity Theories; 4.4. Braneworld Cosmology with Black Holes; 4.5. Observational Constraints and Binary Formation
4.6. Observables of Strong Gravitational Lensing 4.7. Conclusions; References; 5. Physics in the `Once Given' Universe C. S. Unnikrishnan; Contents; 5.1. Introduction; 5.2. Cosmic Relativity; 5.2.1. The gravitational potentials of the universe; 5.2.2. Cosmic potentials and the gravitational metric; 5.2.3. Rates of clocks and clock comparison experiments; 5.3. The Laws of Motion, Equivalence Principle and the Pseudo-Forces; 5.4. Quantum Mechanics and the Cosmic Gravitational Potentials; 5.4.1. Spectral fine structure and matter-wave interferometry; 5.4.2. The Spin-Statistics Connection
5.5. The One-Way Speed of Light 5.6. General Relativity and Cosmic Relativity; 5.7. Conclusions; References; High Energy Physics, Nuclear Physics and Quantum Mechanics; 6. Doubly-Special Relativity G. Amelino-Camelia; Contents; 6.1. Introduction; 6.2. Relativity, Doubly Special; 6.2.1. Motivation; 6.2.2. Defining the concept; 6.2.3. A falsifiable proposal; 6.3. More on the Concept (a true-false exercise); 6.3.1. DSR not equivalent to Special Relativity; 6.3.2. Not necessarily involving the k-Poincare Hopf algebra
6.3.3. Not any deformation, but a certain class of deformations of Special Relativity
"Most of these articles are expanded versions of lectures delivered ... in a conference, Recent Developments in Theoretical Physics, held at I.S.I., Kolkata, during January 4-8, 2008"--P. vii.
Includes bibliographical references.
Indian Statistical Institute.
Ghosh, Subir, Prof.
Kar, Guruprasad.