Studies in symbolic interaction. Volume 30 [electronic resource] / edited by Norman K. Denzin.

1st ed.
Bingley : JAI, 2008.
Studies in symbolic interaction ; 30.
Studies in symbolic interaction ; 30
1 online resource (452 p.)
Symbolic interactionism.
Social interaction.
Interpersonal communication.
Electronic books.
Emphasizes critical approaches to the study of race, identity and self, as well as developments in interactionist theory, ethics and dramaturical studies.
Front cover; Studies in Symbolic Interaction; Copyright page; Contents; List of Contributors; Part I: Peter M. Hall lecture series; Chapter 1. Elaborating the discursive contexts of framing: discursive fields and spaces; Delimiting the conception of discursive opportunity structures; Discursive fields; Discursive space; Conclusion; Notes; Acknowledgment; References; Chapter 2. Invited comment: Framing, Actions and Feedback; References; Part II: Honoring Patricia Ticeneto Cloughaposs Contributions to Sociology and Social Theory; Chapter 3. Celebrating work; References
Chapter 4. Saving sociologyNote; References; Chapter 5. Rewriting the subject of knowledge: Contributions from the work of Patricia Ticineto Clough; The end of ethnographyquest You mean, what I am doingquest; Troubling the eyesolI of experience; Technology, the unconscious, and autoaffection; Affect, bodies, and open complexity: Toward revising cultural theory and criticism for the becoming now; Notes; Acknowledgments; References; Part III: Theoretical Interventions
Chapter 6. Producing, consuming, and providing instruction on poetic texts in the classical roman era: the pragmatist contributions of Horace, Longinus, and PlutarchIntroduction; Poetics in the roman era: foundations, emphases, and authors; On human knowing and acting; Horace; Longinus On the Sublime; Plutarch; In perspective; Notes; Acknowledgment; References; Chapter 7. Identities and involutes: some reflections on narrative ethics; Introduction; De Quincey's involute; De Quincey's identity; Addams's involute; Addams's identity; Conclusion; Notes; Acknowledgments; References
Chapter 8. Social symbolism: forms and functions - a pragmatist perspectiveProblems of symbolization; Symbolization and interaction; From cognitive to pragmatic approach to symbolism; Basics of the symbolic construction of society; Notes; References; Chapter 9. Responding to verbal ambiguity: the case of puns; The meaning of the groan response; The problematic deciphering of puns; Do puns disrupt discoursequest; Conclusion; Notes; References; Part IV: Race, Identity, Self; Chapter 10. The specter of whiteness; Introduction; Analytical framework; Data collection
Who, mequest White people and racial identityYes, you: a counter-hegemonic production of whiteness; Conclusion; Notes; Acknowledgments; References; Chapter 11. Dimensions of the postmodern self; The emergence of the postmodern self; The self and the classical sociological tradition; The self in postwar America; Theories of the postmodern self; Dimensions of the postmodern self; References; Chapter 12. Others in the making of selves; An assortment of others; Issues of power: Territorial boundaries, agency, and resistance; Acknowledgements; Notes; References
Chapter 13. Symbolic spaces in dirty work: academic service as authentic resistance
"An annual compilation of research."
Includes papers from "Peter M. Hall Lecture series".
Includes bibliographical references.
Denzin, Norman K.
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