Thermophysical aspects of re-entry flows [electronic resource] / edited by James N. Moss, Carl D. Scott.

New York, N.Y. : American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc., c1986.
Conference Name:
AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting (23rd : 1985 : Reno, Nev.)
AIAA Thermophysics Conference (20th : 1985 : Williamsburg, Va.)
Progress in astronautics and aeronautics ; v. 103.
Progress in astronautics and aeronautics ; v. 103
1 online resource (636 p.)
Space vehicles -- Atmospheric entry.
Aerodynamics, Hypersonic.
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""Cover""; ""Title""; ""Copyright""; ""Table of Contents""; ""Preface""; ""Editorial Committee""; ""Chapter I. Low-Density Phenomena""; ""Low-Density Aerothermodynamics""; ""Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Method and Comparison with Experiment""; ""Drag of Bodies in Rarefied Hypersonic Flow""; ""Heat Transfer on a Flat Plate in Continuum to Rarefied Hypersonic Flows at Mach 19.2 and 25.4""; ""Transitional, Hypervelocity Aerodynamic Simulation and Scaling""; ""Gas/Surface Scattering Models for Satellite Applications""; ""Chapter II. High Temperature Kinetics and Transport Properties""
""Rate Constants for Chemical Reactions in High-Temperature Nonequilibrium Air""""Electron-Nitrogen Molecule Collisions in High-Temperature Nonequilibrium Air""; ""Electron-Impact Vibrational Excitation Rates in the Flowfield of Aeroassisted Orbital Transfer Vehicles""; ""Theoretical Studies of Dissociative Recombination""; ""N+ -N and 0+ -0 Interaction Energies, Dipole Transition Moments, and Transport Cross Sections""; ""Transport Properties for Some Atom/Ion Interactions in Air""; ""Chapter III. Aerothermodynamic Ground Simulations and Measurements""
""Studies of Potential Fluid-Mechanical Mechanisms for Enhanced Stagnation-Region Heating""""Measured and Predicted Vortex-Induced Leeward Heating on a Biconic at Mach 6 and 10""; ""Heating Rate Distributions at Mach 10 on a Circular-Body Earth-to-Orbit Transport Vehicle""; ""Developments in Aerothermal Test Techniques at the AEDC Supersonic/Hypersonic Wind Tunnels""; ""Application of Numerical Simulation to Enhance Arcjet Performance""; ""Effects of Surface Discontinuities on Convective Heat Transfer in Hypersonic Flow""; ""Chapter IV. Numerical Simulations of Hypersonic Flows""
""Chemical and Thermal Nonequilibrium Heat-Transfer Analysis for Hypervelocity,Low Reynolds Number Flow""""Convergence of Computation of Chemical Reacting Flows""; ""Radiative Viscous Shock Layer Analysis of Fire,Apollo, and PAET Flight Data""; ""Three-Dimensional Viscous Shock Layer Applications for the Space Shuttle Orbiter""; ""Numerical Simulation of Hypersonic Viscous Fore- and Afterbody Flows over Capsule-Type Vehicles at Angles of Attack""; ""Two Dimensional and Axisymmetric Heat-Transfer Results with the CSCM Upwind Implicit Algorithm""; ""Author Index""
"Technical papers selected from the AIAA 23rd Aerospace Sciences Meeting, January 1985, and the AIAA 20th Thermophysics Conference, June 1985, and subsequently revised."
Includes bibliographical references and index.
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.
Moss, James N.
Scott, Carl D.
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