Laboratory phonology 8 [electronic resource] / edited by Louis Goldstein, D.H. Whalen, Catherine T. Best.

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Berlin ; New York : Mouton de Gruyter, c2006.
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Conference in Laboratory Phonology (8th : 2002 : New Haven, Conn.)
Phonology and phonetics ; 4-2.
Phonology and phonetics, 1861-4191 ; 4-2
1 online resource (692 p.)
Grammar, Comparative and general -- Phonology -- Congresses.
Sign language -- Congresses.
Language acquisition -- Congresses.
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The Eighth Conference on Laboratory Phonology (held in New Haven, CT) continued the series' tradition of bringing together experts from different subfields by inviting papers on the phonology of signed and spoken languages. A major goal of this topic was to begin to uncover the nature of the human phonological capacity that underlies both types of systems. Several papers on signed phonology and comparisons of signed and spoken phonologies are included in this volume. Other papers address the categorical and variable aspects of phonological systems (both spoken and signed), the acquisition of s
Front matter; Table of contents; Introduction; Dedication; ""Distinctive phones"" in surface representation; The functionality of incomplete neutralization in Dutch: The case of the past-tense formation; Dynamics in grammar: Comment on Ladd and Ernestus & Baayen; The statistical basis of an unnatural alternation; Modeling intonation in English: A probabilistic approach to phonological competence; The diachrony of labiality in Trique, and the functional relevance of gradience and variation
Effects of language modality on word segmentation: An experimental study of phonological factors in a sign language Phonological, phonetics and the nondominant hand; Lexical retrieval in American Sign Language production; Phonological priming in British Sign Language; Phonetic implementation and phonetic pre-specification in sign language phonology; Variability in verbal agreement forms across four signed languages; Some current claims about sign language phonetics, phonology, and experimental results
Getting the rhythm right: A cross-linguistic study of segmental duration in babbling and first words Flexibility in the face incompatible English VOT systems; On the scope of phonological learning: Issues arising from socially-structured variation; Variation in developing phonologies: Comments on Vihman and colleagues, Docherty and colleagues, and Scobbie; Prosody first or prosody last? Evidence from the phonetics of word-final /t/ in American English; Focusing, prosodic phrasing, and hiatus resolution in Greek; Early vs. late focus: Pitch-peak alignment in two dialects of Serbian and Croatian
Manifestation of prosodic structure in articulatory variation: Evidence from lip kinematics in English Relating prosody and dynamic events: Comments on the papers by Cho and Smiljanic; Syllable position effects and gestural organization: Articulatory evidence from Russia; Perceptual salience and palatalization in Russian; Integrating coarticulation, assimilation, and blending into a model of articulatory constraints; Excrescent schwa and vowel laxing: Cross-linguistic: responses to conflicting articulatory targets; Backmatter
"The Eighth conference on Laboratory Phonology (held in New Haven, CT, and hosted by Yale University and Haskins Laboratories) took place June 27-29, 2002"--Introd.
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
Goldstein, Louis, 1955-
Whalen, D. H.
Best, Catherine T.
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