The justification of religious violence / Steve Clarke.

Clarke, Steve, 1964- author.
Chichester, England : Wiley-Blackwell, 2014.
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Violence -- Religious aspects.
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How are justifications for religious violence developed and do they differ from secular justifications for violence? Can liberal societies tolerate potentially violent religious groups? Can those who accept religious justifications for violence be dissuaded from acting violently? Including six in-depth contemporary case studies, The Justification of Religious Violence is the first book to examine the logical structure of justifications of religious violence. The first book specifically devoted to examining the logical structure of justifications of religious violence<
Cover; Title Page; Copyright; Contents; Preface; Chapter 1 Justification, Religion, and Violence; September 11 (1857); Religion and Violence; Violence; Justification; Nothing Bad; Between "Anything and Everything" and "Nothing Bad"; Nature and Supernature; Notes; Chapter 2 Religion; Generalizing about Religion; Supernatural Beings; Ritual; The Evolution of Religion; Memes and Religious Memeplexes; Religion as an Evolutionary By-product; Religion as an Evolutionary Adaptation; Social Solidarity and Religion; Defining Religion; Notes; Chapter 3 Morality; Introduction; Evolved Morality
Morality, Evolution, and CultureConsequentialism, Deontology, and the Neuroscience of Moral Cognition; Reasoning and Intuiting; Morality and Religion; Notes; Chapter 4 Justifying Violence, War, and Cosmic War; Justifying Violence; Justice, War, and Just War Theory; Pacifism; Religious War and Cosmic War; Cosmic War; Cosmic War and the Supreme Emergency Exception; Cosmic War and the Superior Orders Plea; Cosmic War and Non-Combatant Immunity; Notes; Chapter 5 The Afterlife; Afterlife Beliefs; Christianity, Violence, and Salvation; Buddhism, Violence, and Reincarnation
Suicide, Suicide Cults, and the AfterlifeNotes; Chapter 6 The Sacred; The Sacred and the Holy; Durkheim; Sacred Values; Sacralization; Justification and the Sacred; Notes; Chapter 7 Recent Justifications of Religious Violence; Introduction; The Gatekeepers and Deific Decree; Aum Shinrikyo; Heaven's Gate; The Killing of George Tiller; Meir Kahane and the Kach Party; Al-Qaeda; Concluding Remarks; Notes; Chapter 8 Tolerance; Liberal Democracy and Religious Tolerance; What Tolerance Is; Justifying Religious Tolerance; Religion, Toleration, and Causation
Violent Religious Groups, Tolerance, and the Liberal StateNotes; Chapter 9 Reducing Religious Violence; Religion, Violence, Justification, and Motivation; Undermining Religious Justifications for Violence; Undermining Religion; Undermining Confidence in Religious Beliefs; Trying to Keep Religion out of the Public Sphere; Offering Incentives; Cosmic War, the Afterlife, and the Opportunity to Make Converts; Cosmic Warriors and the Opportunity to Make Converts; Afterlife Beliefs and the Opportunity to Make Converts; Avoiding Conflicts over Sacred Values; Reframing Sacred Values
Prioritizing Sacred ValuesRituals, Threats, and the Sacred; Tolerating Violent Religious Groups; Concluding Remark; Notes; References; Name Index; Subject Index
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
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