Pathways through the Bible [electronic resource] : Classic Selections from the Tanakh (Third Edition) / by Mortimer J. Cohen ; revised and updated by David E.S. Stein ; illustrations by Arthur Szyk.

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Bible. O.T. English. Selections. 2002.
3rd ed.
Philadelphia : Jewish Publication Society, 2002.
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""Front Cover ""; ""Front Matter ""; ""Contents""; ""Foreword to the 2002 Edition""; ""Foreword to the Original Edition""; ""Your Bible""; ""The Torah (Teaching)""; ""Genesis""; ""Introduction""; ""1. Creating a Good World""; ""2. Evil Enters the Good World""; ""3. The Cleansing Flood""; ""4. The Tower of Babel""; ""5. Abraham�Founder of a People""; ""6. Twin Cities of Sin""; ""7. Abraham�s Supreme Test""; ""8. Isaac and Rebekah""; ""9. Jacob Obtains the Covenant""; ""10. The New Name�“Israel�""; ""11. Joseph in Egypt""; ""Exodus""; ""Introduction""; ""1. Moses�The Liberator""
""2. Pharaoh Versus God""""3. Pesah �The Festival of Freedom""; ""4. God Triumphs over Pharaoh""; ""5. Starting the Long Journey""; ""6. The Covenant at Mount Sinai""; ""7. The Tabernacle�God�s Palace""; ""Leviticus""; ""Introduction""; ""1. Priest and Levite""; ""2. Feast and Fast""; ""3. Holiness�The Golden Heart""; ""4. Neighbors""; ""5. Laws of Purity""; ""6. National Problems""; ""7. Idolatry�The Gravest of All Sins""; ""8. Rewards and Punishments""; ""Numbers""; ""Introduction""; ""1. Journey�s Beginning""; ""2. The Challenges of Leadership""; ""3. Crisis and Decision""
""4. Korah�s Rebellion""""5. The Sin of Moses""; ""6. Israel Meets Hostile Nations""; ""7. Balaam Blesses the New Israel""; ""8. The Five Sisters� Query""; ""9. Joshua�The Next Leader""; ""Deuteronomy""; ""Introduction""; ""1. First Oration: Obedience to the Covenant""; ""2. Second Oration: Love�The Spirit of the Covenant""; ""3. Third Oration: The Rewards of the Covenant""; ""4. The Song of Moses""; ""5. The Unknown Grave""; ""The Prophets""; ""Joshua""; ""Introduction""; ""1. Joshua Takes Command""; ""2. The Two Spies""; ""3. Jericho and Ai Captured""; ""4. The Crafty Gibeonites""
""5. Division of the Land""""6. Joshua�s Farewell Address""; ""Judges""; ""Introduction""; ""1. Disloyalty�Punishment�Peace""; ""2. Deborah�Mother in Israel""; ""3. Gideon�The Man Who Refused to Be King""; ""4. Abimelech�The Man Who Wanted to Be King""; ""5. Samson�A Brave Man Who Used His Strength Foolishly""; ""Ruth""; ""Introduction""; ""1. Ruth�s Loyalty""; ""2. The Meeting of Ruth and Boaz""; ""3. Ruth�s Marriage to Boaz""; ""Samuel""; ""Introduction""; ""1. The Birth of Samuel""; ""2. Israel�s Ruthless Enemy�The Philistines""; ""3. Saul�First King of Israel""
""4. Saul�The Rejected""""5. David�The Shepherd Boy""; ""6. Saul and David""; ""7. David�Refugee from Saul""; ""8. The Death of Saul and Jonathan""; ""9. From Shepherd Boy to King""; ""10. Jerusalem�The City of God""; ""11. Nathan�The People�s Conscience""; ""12. “Absalom, My Son! My Son!�""; ""Kings""; ""Introduction""; ""1. Solomon Ascends the Throne""; ""2. “A Wise and Understanding Mind�""; ""3. Solomon Builds the Temple""; ""4. Splendor, Fame�and Trouble""; ""5. The House Is Divided""; ""6. Elijah�The Prophet""; ""7. Elijah Confronts an Abuse of Power""
""8. Elisha�One Who Loved His Fellowmen""
Description based upon print version of record.
Description based on print version record.
Jewish Publication Society.
Stein, David E.
Cohen, Mortimer J. (Mortimer Joseph), 1894-1972.
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