Three-dimensional separated flow topology [electronic resource] : critical points, separation lines and vortical structures / Jean Délery.

Delery, Jean.
London : ISTE ; Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, 2013.
Focus series (London, England)
Focus series in fluid mechanics, 2051-2481
1 online resource (172 p.)
Fluid dynamics -- mathematical models.
Vortex-motion -- mathematical models.
Viscous flow -- mathematical models.
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This book develops concepts and a methodology for a rational description of the organization of three-dimensional flows considering, in particular, the case where the flow is the place of separations. The descriptive analysis based on the critical point theory of Poincaré develops conventional but rather unfamiliar considerations from aerodynamicists, who face the understanding of complex flows including multiple separation lines and vortices. These problems concern industrial sectors where aerodynamics plays a key role, such as aerospace, ground vehicles, buildings, etc. Contents
Title Page; Contents; Introduction; Chapter 1. Skin Friction Lines Pattern and Critical Points; 1.1. Basic properties of the three-dimensional boundary layer; 1.2. Skin friction lines and surface flow pattern; 1.3. Critical points of the skin friction line pattern; 1.3.1. General solution and the eigenvalue problem; 1.3.2. The different critical points; 1.4. Critical points of the wall vorticity lines; Chapter 2. Separation Streamsurfaces and Vortex Structures; 2.1. Generalization to the flow field and threedimensional critical points; 2.2. Separation and attachment lines
2.3. Streamsurfaces of separation and attachment2.4. Vortical structures; 2.5. Some properties of a vortical structure; Chapter 3. Separated Flow on a Body; 3.1. Basic rules and definitions; 3.2. General definition: the basic separated structures; 3.3. Field associated with a separation with one saddle point and three nodes: the horseshoe vortex; 3.4. Field associated with a separation with one saddle point and two foci: the tornado-like vortex; Chapter 4. Vortex Wake of Wings and Slender Bodies; 4.1. Vortical structures over a delta wing; 4.2. Vortical flow over a slender body
4.3. Vortex wake of a classical wing4.3.1. Topological description; 4.3.2. A scenario for the origin of vortices on a wing; Chapter 5. Separation Induced by an Obstacle or a Blunt Body; 5.1. Separation in front of an obstacle; 5.2. Flow induced by an obstacle of finite height or protuberance; 5.3. Separation on a non-propelled afterbody; 5.4. The flow past an automobile; 5.4.1. The surface flow pattern; 5.4.2. Separation surfaces; Chapter 6. Reconsideration of the TwoDimensional Separation; 6.1. Some definitions: a reminder; 6.2. Two-dimensional separation; 6.3. Special critical points
6.4. Three-dimensional structure of a two-dimensional separated flow6.5. Axisymmetric afterbody; List of Symbols; Index
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