Selected papers from the XIIIth Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages, Chapel Hill, N.C., 24-26 March 1983 [electronic resource] / edited by Larry D. King & Catherine A. Maley.

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Selected papers from the 13th Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages.
Amsterdam ; Philadelphia : J. Benjamins, 1985.
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Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (13th : 1983 : University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages
Amsterdam studies in the theory and history of linguistic science. Current issues in linguistic theory ; Series IV, v. 36.
Amsterdam studies in the theory and history of linguistic science. Series IV, Current issues in linguistic theory, 0304-0763 ; v. 36
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The papers in this volume are a selection from the paper presented at the 13th Annual Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (1983). The languages discussed include Romance in general, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Gascon. The diversity of the topics encompassed by these papers conforms to the principal goal of the LSRL conferences: to contribute to the synchronic and diachronic description and analysis of the Romance Languages within the context of current developments in linguistic theory.
SELECTED PAPERS FROM THE XIIIth LINGUISTIC SYMPOSIUM ON ROMANCE LANGUAGES; Editorial page; Title page; Copyright page; PREFACE; Table of contents; CONSTRAINTS ON THE STRUCTURE DE + MODIFIER IN FRENCH; 1. Constraints on the Nature of the Modifier; 2. Constraints on Quantifiers; 3. Review of Constraints; 4. A Possible Discourse Account for the Constraints; 5. Conclusions; NOTES; REFERENCES; CLAUSAL CASE-MARKING AND THE CRP; REFERENCES; CLITICS AND BINDING; 1. Cliticization and Agreement; 2. Binding and Clitics; NOTES; REFERENCES; THE NECESSITY OF THREE-CORNERED COMPARATIVE SYNTAX
1. AUX Movements2. Verb Movements; 3. Local Movements of V; 4. A Criticism of the Structure-Preserving Approach; NOTES; REFERENCES; SPEECH ACT MARKERS IN MODERN GASCON; 1. Traditional Overview; 2. The Particle and Illocutionary Force; 3. Further Exploration; 4. The Subscription Particle in the Gascon AUX; 5. Conclusion; NOTES; REFERENCES; MECHANISMS OF CHANGE IN THE POSITION OF OBJECT PRONOUNS: From Classical Latin to Modern French; 1. What Evidence Is There for Illum Mihi as the Sole Proto-Order and How Did That Order Develop?
2. When Did the Change Towards Mihi Illum Occur in Anteposition to the Verb in French?3. Why Did the Change Towards Mihi Illum Occur and Why Did It Occur When It Did?; 4. Why Did the Illum Mihi Order Remain in Postposition to the Verb in French?; 5. Why Did the Illum Mihi Order Remain in Anteposition to the Verb When Two 3rd Person Nonreflexive Pronouns Were Juxtaposed?; NOTES; REFERENCES; THE RESOLUTION OF PHONOLOGICAL AMBIGUITY IN A SIMULATED ENGLISH-SPANISH BORROWING SITUATION; SUMMARY; NOTES; REFERENCES; AUTOSEGMENTAL PHONOLOGY AND LIQUID ASSIMILATION IN HAVANA SPANISH; NOTES; REFERENCES
ON OPENING BLACK BOXES: LATIN -nge- AND -ng''1- IN HISPANO-ROMANCENOTES; REFERENCES; THE DISTRIBUTION OF THE FRENCH CLITIC EN AND THE ECP; 1. Two Generalizations About the Distribution of En; 2. The Interaction of En Placement and Subject Raising; 3. En Placement and the Subject/Object Asymmetry; NOTES; REFERENCES; THE UNAGREEMENT HYPOTHESIS; 1. Left Dislocation and Doubling: Two Instances of the Predication Rule; 2. Predication Heads and Subjects; 3. Conclusion; NOTES; REFERENCES; THE SYNTAX OF CODE-SWITCHING: SPANISH AND ENGLISH; 1. Government and Code-Switching Grammars
2. Code-switching and the Notion Matrix Language3. Evidence for Lm as INFLection; 4. Conclusion; NOTES; REFERENCES; VOWEL EPENTHESIS IN ROMANCE: A METRICAL ANALYSIS; 1. Schwa-Epenthesis (Schwa-Ep); 2. Epenthesis in NWF and CsC Clusters; NOTES; REFERENCES; INDIVIDUATION: ITS ROLE IN CLITIC SEQUENCES IN FRENCH; 1. Burston (1983); 2. [+i] [+i] Sequences; 3. [ØI] [ØI] Sequences Contextually Realized as [-i] [+i]; 4. Conclusion; NOTES; REFERENCES; ON THE THREE-TIERED SYLLABIC THEORY AND ITS IMPLICATIONS FOR SPANISH; 1. Introduction; 2. Historical Perspectives
3. Analysis of the Syllable as a CV Tier
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King, Larry D. (Larry Dawain), 1949-
Maley, Catherine A.
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