Debating Cultural Hybridity [electronic resource] : Multicultural Identities and the Politics of Anti-Racism

Werbner, Pnina.
London : Zed Books, 2015.
1 online resource (316 p.)
Critique. Influence. Change
Critique. Influence. Change

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Multiculturalism -- Political aspects -- Europe -- Congresses.
Racism -- Political aspects -- Europe -- Congresses.
Anti-racism -- Europe -- Congresses.
Ethnicity -- Europe -- Congresses.
Communication and culture -- Europe -- Congresses.
Cultural fusion -- Congresses.
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Anti-racism -- Europe -- Congresses. (search)
Ethnicity -- Political aspects -- Europe -- Congresses. (search)
Multiculturalism -- Europe -- Congresses. (search)
Racism -- Political aspects -- Europe -- Congresses. (search)
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A classic collection on the fluid nature of culture and identity from some of the world's greatest post-colonial thinkers.
Front Cover; critique influence change; More Critical Praise for Debating Cultural Hybridity; About the Editors; Title Page; Copyright; Contents; Foreword; Preface to the critique influence change edition; Preface to the First Edition; Introduction; 1: Introduction: The Dialectics of Cultural Hybridity; The Power of Cultural Hybridity; Intentional Hybridities; Cyborg Politics; The Politics of Hybridity: Cosmopolitans and Transnationals; The Power to Name: Hybridity versus Essentialism; Mimesis, Crossover and Creativity ; Conclusion: The Process of Hybridity ; Notes; References
Part One: Hybridity, Globalisation and the Practice of Cultural Complexity2: From Complex Culture to Cultural Complexity; Introduction ; Culture as a Complex Whole; Criticism of the Complex Whole ; Prerequisites for a Modified Concept of Culture; Culture as the Ability to take Meaningful Intersubjective Action; Conclusion; Notes ; References; 3: The Making and Unmaking of Strangers; Disemdedding Into Setting Afloat; Dimensions of the Present Uncertainty; The Twisting Road to Shared Humanity ; References; 4: Identity and Difference in a Globalised World
Subjects of Action in a Planetary SocietyBecoming Individuals; The Multiple Self and Responsibility; Social Movements as Messages in a Globalized World; References; 5: Global Crises, the Struggle for Cultural Identity and Intellectual Porkbarrelling: Cosmopolitans versus Locals, Ethnics and Nationals in an Era of De-Hegemonisation; Introduction; Hybridisation and the Culture of Global Elite Formation; The Logics of Identity and Identification; Global Classes and the Ideology of Hybridity; Conclusion; Notes; References; 6: 'The Enigma of Arrival': Hybridity and Authenticity in the Global Space
References7: Adorno at Womad: South Asian Crossovers and the Limits of Hybridity-Talk; Womad; Popular Culture; Hybridity-Talk; Technology and Hybridity; Musical Alliances; Notes; References; Part Two: Essentialism versus Hybridity: Negotiating Difference; 8: Is It So Difficult to be an Anti-Racist?; What is Racism?; Is Racism on the Increase?; Universalism and Differentialism; The Sources of Contemporary Racism and Affirmative Action; Racism and Integration; Notes; References; 9: 'Difference', Cultural Racism and Anti-Racism; A New Racism?; Anti-Racisms and Asian Identities
The Complexities of RacismThe Rise of Cultural Racism; Indirect Discrimination; A More Plural Anti-Racism; References; 10: Constructions of Whiteness in European and American Anti-Racism; Introduction; The Creation of a White 'Racial' Identity; Anti-Racism and the Reification of Whiteness; Challenges and Reaffirmations of Anti-Racist Orthodoxy within 'White Studies'; Conclusions: Engaging Whiteness; Notes; References; 11: Ethnicity, Gender Relations and Multiculturalism; Racist Discourse, Ethnic Projects and Cultural Resources; Woman and Culture; Multiculturalism
Feminism, Multiculturalism and Identity Politics
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Modood, Tariq.