Serial verbs [electronic resource] : grammatical, comparative and cognitive approaches / edited by Claire Lefebvre.

Amsterdam ; Philadelphia : J. Benjamins Pub. Co., 1991.
Studies in the sciences of language series ; 8.
Studies in the sciences of language series ; v. 8
1 online resource (218 p.)
Grammar, Comparative and general -- Verb.
Electronic books.
SERIAL VERBS: GRAMMATICAL, COMPARATIVE AND COGNITIVE APPROACHES; Editorial page; Title page; Copyright page; Table of contents; Preface; Misumalpan Verb Sequencing Constructions; 0 Introduction; 1 Misumalpan clause chaining; 2 Complementation and the Misumalpan participiale; 3 Misumalpan serial verb constructions; 4 Speculations on the grammar of Misumalpan verb sequencing; 5 Final remarks; ABBREVIATIONS; NOTES; REFERENCES; Take Serial Verb Constructions in Fon; 0 Introduction; 1 Overview of Take serial verb constructions in Fon; 1.1 General characteristics of Take serial constructions
1.2 Syntactic characteristics of Take serial constructions1.3 Previous studies; 2 Theoretical framework; 2.1 Lexical Conceptual Structures; 2.2 The revised X' Theory and the Unique Complement Hypothesis; 2.3 Revising the format of the Lexical Structure and of the Linking rules; 2.4 Types of PAS in Fon; 3 TAKE serial verb constructions; 3.1 Lexical properties of TAKE verbs (closed class); 3.2 Lexical properties of verbs of the open class which combine with TAKE verbs.; 3.3 The operation of Serialization; 3.4 Predictions of the analysis; 3.5 Syntactic projection of derived complex predicates
3.6 Functions of the Take-verb3.7 Serialization is a lexical operation; 3.8 Conclusion; 4 Discussion: Aspects of variation between PASs among languages; ABBREVIATIONS; NOTES; REFERENCES; On the Relation of Serialization to Verb Extensions; 1 Introduction: comparing Bantu with Kwa; 2 Differences between Instruments and Datives; 3 Serial Verbs; 3.1 Object Sharing; 3.2 SVCs with dative and instrumental verbs; 4 Instruments and Datives in Bantu Applicatives; 5 Conclusion; ABBREVIATIONS; NOTES; REFERENCES; On Deriving Serial Verb Constructions; 1 Characteristics of SV languages
2 The Lexical Process2.1 Two Alternatives in Lexicalization; 2.2 How Properties in (1) Fall into Ps?; 3 Interaction of Ps with Other Linguistic Principles / Parameters; 3.1 Ps and X'-theory; 3.2 Ps, X'-theory, and Theta-assignment; 4 Causative Constructions; 4.1 Decomposition of 'make'; 4.2 English 'make; 4.3 'Make' in Head-final Languages; ABBREVIATIONS; NOTES; REFERENCES; Some Substantive Issues Concerning Verb Serialization: Grammatical vs. Cognitive Packaging; 1 The phenomenon; 2 Theoretical issues : grammar vs. cognition; 3 Empirical issues : grammar vs. behavior; 4 Methodology
4.1 Languages4.2 Text elicitation; 4.3 Transcription of texts; 4.4 Phonetic processing of tapes; 4.5 Pause measurement; 5 Results of quantitative analysis; 5.1 Preamble; 5.2 Tok Pisin; 5.2.2. Quantitative results: Tok Pisin; On-Line text; Post-view text; 5.3 Kalam; 5.3.2. Quantitative results: Kalam; On-Line text; Post-view text; 5.4 Tairora; 5.4.2. Quantitative results: Tairora; On-Line text; Post-view text; 6 Cross-language comparison; 6.1 Serial-verb density; 6.2 Pause distribution
6.3 The effect of the on-line text-elicitation technique on pause distribution
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Lefebvre, Claire.
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