The book as artefact, text and border [electronic resource] / edited by Anne Mette Hansen ... [et al.].

Amsterdam ; New York, NY : Rodopi, 2005.
Variants, the journal of the European Society for Textual Scholarship ; 4.
Variants, the journal of the European Society for Textual Scholarship, 1573-3084 ; 4
1 online resource (391 p.)
Criticism, Textual.
Electronic books.
The Book as Artefact Books do not just contain texts: books themselves are cultural artefacts, which convey many meanings in their own right, meanings which interact with the texts they contain. Awareness of the many significances of books as cultural and textual objects reshapes the traditional disciplines of textual theory, analytic bibliography, codicology and palaeography, while the advent of electronic books, and digital methods for representing print books, is introducing a new dimension to our understanding. Seven essays in this volume, ranging over medieval Portuguese and Swedish manus
Contents; The Book as Artefact; Version - Agency - Intention: The Cross-fertilising of German and Anglo-American Editorial Traditions; Practical Editions of Literary Texts; "Good white paper, with a new, clear and elegant typeface": Early Arnamagnæan Editions; To the Glory of Mary: Liber Scole Virginis at Lund University Library; Tables of Contents in Portuguese Late Medieval Manuscripts; The Book in the Poetological Concept of Stefan George: Some Remarks on the Physical and Iconic Side of the Published Text - with an Editorial Conclusion
The Limited Edition Unlimited: Samuel Beckett's Fugal ArtefactText and Border: The Borders of the Text; The Book as Artefact: Historicizing Ezra Pound's First Thirty Cantos; Writing by Numbers: An Aspect of Woolf's Revisionary Practice; Proceeding Energetically From the Unknown to the Known: Looking Again at the Genetic Texts and Documents for Joyce's Ulysses; The Dimension of the Text; Writing on the Edge: Trollope's An Eye for An Eye; From Text to Work: Digital Tools and the Emergence of the Social Text; The Potency of Error (exemplified in Joyce's Ulysses)
The Interpretive Consequences of Textual CriticismVersions of Moby-Dick: Plagiarism, Censorship, and Some Notes toward an Ethics of the Fluid Text; Emily Dickinson's Futures: "Unqualified - to Scan"; Reviews; Thomas Bein, Rüdiger Nutt-Kofoth, Bodo Plachta, eds., Autor - Autorisation - Authentizität; Jed Deppman, Daniel Ferrer, and Michael Groden, eds., Genetic Criticism: Texts and Avant-textes; Domenico Fiormonte, Scrittura e filologia nell'era digitale; Louis Hay, La Littérature des écrivains: questions de critique génétique
Alexandra Braun-Rau, William Shakespeare's "King Lear" in seinen Fassungen. Ein elektronisch-dialogisches EditionsmodellBarbara Bordalejo, ed., Caxton's Canterbury Tales: The British Library Copies; Peter Robinson, ed., The Miller's Tale on CD-ROM; The Latin Chronicle of the Kings of Castile. Translated with an Introduction and Notes by Joseph F. O'Callaghan; Mats Dahlström, Espen S. Ore, and Edward Vanhoutte, eds., Literary and Linguistic Computing, vol. 19, no. 1, April 2004; James Moran, Wynkyn de Worde, Father of Fleet Street
Pedro M. Cátedra and Anastasio Rojo, Biblioteca y lecturas de mujeres Siglo XVIAndrea Bozzi, Laura Cignoni, Jean-Louis Lebrave, eds., Digital Technology and Philological Disciplines; Carlos Alvar and José Manuel Lucía Megías, eds., Diccionario filológico de literatura medieval española. Textos y transmission; Book Notices; Joep Leerssen and Marita Mathijsen, eds., Oerteksten. Nationalisme edities en canonvorming; Noah Wardrip-Fruin and Nick Montfort, eds., The New Media Reader
Raimonda Modiano, Leroy F. Searle, and Peter Shillingsburg, eds., Voice, Text, Hypertext: Emerging Practices in Textual Studies
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Hansen, Anne Mette.
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