Contemporary and emerging issues in trade theory and policy Vol. 4 [electronic resource] / edited by Sugata Marjit, Eden S. H. Yu.

Bingley : Emerald, 2008.
Frontiers of economics and globalization ; v. 4.
Frontiers of economics and globalization ; v. 4
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International trade -- Econometric models.
International economic relations.
Commercial policy.
Equilibrium (Economics)
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Part of the ""Frontiers in Economics & Globalization"" series, this book deals with a range of trade and development issues in terms of the general equilibrium structure. It shows how neo-classical models of trade theory can be used to highlight many challe
Front cover; Contemporary and Emerging Issues in Trade Theory and Policy; Copyright page; Dedication; About the series: Frontiers of economics and globalization; List of contributors; Contents; Section I: Introduction; Contemporary and Emerging Issues in Trade Theory and Policy; Section I - Editorial introduction; Section II - Perspective on trade models; Section III - Factor rewards and trade theory; Section IV - Dynamic issues; Section V - Trade and the developing economy; Section VI - International factor mobility; Section VII - International trade policy
Section II: Perspective on trade modelsChapter 1. National Security and International Trade: A Simple General Equilibrium Model; References; Chapter 2. Do Factor Endowments Matter for North-North Tradequest; 1. Introduction; 2. Theory; 3. Measuring net factor trade; 4. Conclusion; Acknowledgements; References; Chapter 3. A Simple Vertical Competition Model: Structure and Performance; 1. Cournot's forward integration model; 2. The model; 3. A numerical example: anti-trust issues; 4. Empirical implications; Acknowledgments; References
Chapter 4. Globalization, Trade in Middle Products, and Relative Prices1. Introduction; 2. Real GDP, real GDI, and relative prices; 3. Description of the aggregate technology; 4. Estimation results; 5. Accounting for changes in openness, imbalances, and income shares; 6. Productivity; 7. Conclusions; Acknowledgment; Appendix: Description of the data; References; Chapter 5. Fixed Transport Costs and International Trade; 1. Introduction; 2. The general model; 3. The offer curves; 4. The Equilibria; 5. The Ricardian case; 6. Stability and Efficiency; 7. Concluding remarks and extensions
ReferencesSection III: Factor rewards and trade theory; Chapter 6. Something New for Something Old: Reflections on a Model with Three Factors and Two Goods; 1. Introduction; 2. The issues; 3. The model; 4. Two extreme cases; 5. Conclusion; References; Chapter 7. On Commodity Prices and Factor Rewards: A Close Look at Sign Patterns; 1. Introduction; 2. Preliminaries; 3. Effects of commodity price changes on factor rewards; References; Chapter 8. Comparative Statics in a Two-Factor Multi-Commodity Model without Factor Price Equalization; 1. Introduction; 2. The model
3. An integrated world equilibrium4. Trading equilibrium without FPE; 5. Global analysis; 6. Concluding remarks; Acknowledgement; Appendix; References; Section IV: Dynamic issues; Chapter 9. Distortions in the Two-Sector Dynamic General Equilibrium Model; 1. Introduction; 2. A dynamic open economy model with factor market distortions; 3. Steady state; 4. Dynamics in the region of complete specialization; 5. Conclusions; Acknowledgements; References; Chapter 10. Specific Factor Models and Dynamics in International Trade; 1. Introduction; 2. The Jones model
3. Dynamic model with a constant rate of time preference
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
Marjit, Sugata, 1959-
Yu, Eden Siu-hung.
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