In Marx's laboratory : critical interpretations of the Grundrisse / edited by Riccardo Bellofiore, Guido Starosta, and Peter D. Thomas.

Leiden [The Netherlands] : Brill, 2013.
Historical materialism book series ; 48.
Historical materialism book series, 1570-1522 ; volume 48
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Marxian economics.
Marx, Karl, 1818-1883. Grundrisse der Kritik der politischen Ökonomie.
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In Marx’s Laboratory. Critical Interpretations of the Grundrisse provides a critical analysis of the Grundrisse as a crucial stage in the development of Marx’s critique of political economy. Stressing both the achievements and limitations of this much-debated text, and drawing upon recent philological advances, this volume attempts to re-read Marx’s 1857-58 manuscripts against the background of Capital, as a ‘laboratory’ in which Marx first began to clarify central elements of his mature problematic. With chapters by an international range of authors from different traditions of interpretation, including the International Symposium on Marxian Theory, this volume provides an in-depth analysis of key themes and concepts in the Grundrisse , such as method, dialectics and abstraction; abstract labour, value, money and capital; technology, the ‘general intellect’ and revolutionary subjectivity, surplus-value, competition, crisis; and society, gender, ecology and pre-capitalist forms. Contributors include: Chris Arthur, Luca Basso, Riccardo Bellofiore, George Caffentzis, Martha Campbell, Juan Iñigo Carrera, Howard Engelskirchen, Roberto Fineschi, Michael Heinrich, Fred Moseley, Patrick Murray, Geert Reuten, Tony Smith, Guido Starosta, Massimiliano Tomba, Jan Toporowski, Peter D. Thomas, Joel Wainwright, and Amy Wendling.
Preliminary Material
Introduction: In Marx’s Laboratory / Riccardo Bellofiore , Guido Starosta and Peter D. Thomas
The Grundrisse after Capital, or How to Re-read Marx Backwards / Riccardo Bellofiore
Method: From the Grundrisse to Capital / Juan Iñigo Carrera
The Four Levels of Abstraction of Marx’s Concept of ‘Capital’. Or, Can We Consider the Grundrisse the Most Advanced Version of Marx’s Theory of Capital? / Roberto Fineschi
The Practical Truth of Abstract Labour / Christopher J. Arthur
Unavoidable Crises: Reflections on Backhaus and the Development of Marx’s Value-Form Theory in the Grundrisse / Patrick Murray
The Transformation of Money into Capital / Martha Campbell
The Concept of Capital in the Grundrisse / Howard Engelskirchen
The ‘Fragment on Machines’: A Marxian Misconception in the Grundrisse and its Overcoming in Capital / Michael Heinrich
The ‘General Intellect’ in the Grundrisse and Beyond / Tony Smith
The System of Machinery and Determinations of Revolutionary Subjectivity in the Grundrisse and Capital / Guido Starosta
From the Grundrisse to Capital and Beyond: Then and Now / George Caffentzis
The Whole and the Parts: The Early Development of Marx’s Theory of the Distribution of Surplus-Value in the Grundrisse / Fred Moseley
Marx’s Grundrisse and the Monetary Business-Cycle / Jan Toporowski
Crisis and the Rate of Profit in Marx’s Laboratory / Peter D. Thomas and Geert Reuten
Between Pre-Capitalist Forms and Capitalism: The Problem of Society in the Grundrisse / Luca Basso
Second Nature: Gender in Marx’s Grundrisse / Amy E. Wendling
Uneven Developments: From the Grundrisse to Capital / Joel Wainwright
Pre-Capitalistic Forms of Production and Primitive Accumulation. Marx’s Historiography from the Grundrisse to Capital / Massimilano Tomba
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Bellofiore, R. (Riccardo)
Starosta, Guido.
Thomas, Peter D.
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