Engineering procedures handbook [electronic resource] / by Phillip A. Cloud.

Cloud, Phillip A.
Westwood, N.J. : Noyes Publications, c1997.
1 online resource (433 p.)

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Engineering -- Management.
Engineering -- Documentation.
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This handbook is a new systematic approach to engineering documentation, therefore, it will simplify the end users ability to set up or enhance their engineering documentation requirements. Companies with small manual systems to large-scale mass production facilities can use this handbook to tailor their engineering documentation requirements. If an individual or company wishes to create or improve an engineering documentation system, there is no need to start from scratch. Instead, use this new handbook, complete with 47 specially designed forms and with procedures that cover every ma
Front Cover; Engineering Procedures Handbook; Copyright Page; CONTENTS; SECTION 1: PRODUCT DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT; Chapter 1 EP-1-1 Product Planning; Chapter 2 EP-1-2 Product Introduction; Chapter 3 EP-1-3 Make-or-Buy Committee; Chapter 4 EP-1-4 Product Safety; Chapter 5 EP-1-5 Engineering Review Board; Chapter 6 EP-1-6 Product Phases; Chapter 7 EP-1-7 Design Reviews; Chapter 8 EP-1-8 Baseline Management; Chapter 9 EP-1-9 Product Structuring; Chapter 10 EP-1-10 Compatibility Books; Chapter 11 EP-1-11 Drawing Trees; SECTION 2: PRODUCT AND DOCUMENTATION IDENTIFICATION
Chapter 12 EP-2-1 Document Numbering SystemChapter 13 EP-2-2 Document Number Assignment Logbook; Chapter 14 EP-2-3 Block Number Assignment; Chapter 15 EP-2-4 Model Numbering System; Chapter 16 EP-2-5 Part Numbering System; Chapter 17 EP-2-6 Part Marking System; Chapter 18 EP-2-7 Serial Numbering System; Chapter 19 EP-2-8 Item Master Input; Chapter 20 EP-2-9 Bill of Material; Chapter 21 EP-2-10 Where-Used Input; SECTION 3: DOCUMENTATION REQUIREMENTS; Chapter 22 EP-3-1 Engineering Documentation Types; Chapter 23 EP-3-2 Document Flow Chart; Chapter 24 EP-3-3 Documentation Order of Precedence
Chapter 25 EP-3-4 Engineering Lab NotebookChapter 26 EP-3-5 Product Specification; Chapter 27 EP-3-6 Configuration Control Document; Chapter 28 EP-3-7 Drawing Format Requirements; Chapter 29 EP-3-8 Printed Circuit Board Documentation; Chapter 30 EP-3-9 Component Part Request; Chapter 31 EP-3-10 Deliverable Documentation Review; SECTION 4: CUSTOMER DOCUMENTATION; Chapter 32 EP-4-1 Customer Documentation Control; Chapter 33 EP-4-2 Engineering Change Proposal; Chapter 34 EP-4-3 Deviation/Waiver; SECTION 5: VENDOR DOCUMENTATION; Chapter 35 EP-5-1 Vendor Documentation Control
Chapter 36 EP-5-2 Single Source AuthorizationChapter 37 EP-5-3 Limited Buy Authorization; Chapter 38 EP-5-4 Approved Vendor List; SECTION 6: DOCUMENT CHANGE CONTROL; Chapter 39 EP-6-1 Change Control System; Chapter 40 EP-6-2 Engineering Change Routing; Chapter 41 EP-6-3 Engineering Change Request; Chapter 42 EP-6-4 Engineering Change Procedure; Chapter 43 EP-6-5 Document Mark-Up for Engineering Change Packages; Chapter 44 EP-6-6 Engineering Change Costing; Chapter 45 EP-6-7 Prototype Report; Chapter 46 EP-6-8 Change Control Board; Chapter 47 EP-6-9 Engineering Change Implementation
Chapter 48 EP-6-10 Suffix Engineering ChangeChapter 49 EP-6-11 Bill of Material Change; Chapter 50 EP-6-12 Document Change Notice; Chapter 51 EP-6-13 Specification Change Notice; Chapter 52 EP-6-14 Field Instructions; Chapter 53 EP-6-15 Equivalent Item Authorization; SECTION 7: DOCUMENT CONTROL; Chapter 54 EP-7-1 Document Control System; Chapter 55 EP-7-2 Document Release; Chapter 56 EP-7-3 Document Distribution; Chapter 57 EP-7-4 Engineering Change/Part Number Input; Chapter 58 EP-7-5 Security Marking of Documents; Chapter 59 EP-7-6 Copy Request
Chapter 60 EP-7-7 Document Original Withdrawal
Includes index.