Semiconductors and semimetals. Advances in photovoltaics. Part 3 / edited by Gerhard P. Willeke, Eicke R. Weber ; contributors, Christophe Ballif [and six others].

First edition.
London, England : Academic Press, 2014.
Semiconductors and semimetals ; Volume 90.
Semiconductors and Semimetals, 0080-8784 ; Volume 90
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Photovoltaic power generation.
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This volume is the third of a set of seven on the topic of photovoltaics. Solar cell-related technologies covered here include: ribbon silicon; heterojunction crystalline silicon; wafer equivalent crystalline silicon; and other advanced silicon solar cell structures and processes. Semiconductors and Semimetals has distinguished itself through the careful selection of well-known authors, editors, and contributors. Originally widely known as the ""Willardson and Beer"" Series, it has succeeded in publishing numerous landmark volumes and chapters. The series publishes timely, highly relevant v
Front Cover; Advances in Photovoltaics: Part 3; Copyright; Contents; Contributors; Preface; Chapter One: State-of-the-Art Industrial Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells; 1. Introduction; 1.1. History; 1.2. General routes for cost reduction; 1.3. PV market today; 1.4. Basic structure of an industrial c-Si solar cell; 2. Operation Principle of a c-Si Solar Cell; 2.1. Band diagram; 2.2. Solar cell parameters; 2.3. Fundamental efficiency limit of an ideal c-Si solar cell; 2.4. Two-diode model; 2.5. Radiative recombination; 2.6. Auger recombination; 2.7. SRH recombination; 2.8. Surface recombination
2.9. Recombination and saturation current density2.10. Optical losses; 3. The Basic Firing Through SiNx:H Process; 3.1. Wafer washing, texturization, and cleaning; 3.2. Phosphorus diffusion; 3.2.1. Phosphorus diffusion gettering of impurities; 3.3. Edge isolation; 3.4. SiNx:H deposition; 3.5. Metallization via screen-printing; 3.5.1. Front side metallization; 3.5.2. Rear side metallization; 3.5.3. Co-firing step; 3.6. Solar cell characterization; 4. Recent Developments on Solar Cell Front Side; 4.1. Wafer sawing; 4.2. Alkaline wafer texturing; 4.3. Front contact metallization
4.3.1. Double print4.3.2. Dual print; 4.3.3. Stencil printing; 4.3.4. Dispensing; 4.3.5. Paste development; 4.3.6. Seed-and-plate; 4.3.7. Multi-busbar approaches; 5. Advanced Emitter Formation; 5.1. Improvement of homogeneous emitters; 5.2. Selective emitters; 5.2.1. Doped Si inks; 5.2.2. Oxide mask process; 5.2.3. Ion implantation process; 5.2.4. Etch-back process; 5.2.5. Laser doping via P-glass; 5.2.6. Laser doping via laser chemical processing and NiAg light-induced plating; 5.2.7. Laser doping and plating; 5.2.8. Effect of encapsulation on blue response
5.2.9. Efficiency potential of selective emitters6. Industrial PERC-Type Solar Cells; 6.1. Dielectric rear side passivation; 6.1.1. Al2O3 layers; 6.1.2. Al2O3/SiNx:H stacks; 6.1.3. SiO2/SiNx:H stacks; 6.2. Formation of local rear contacts; 6.2.1. Laser fired contacts; 6.2.2. Etching paste; 6.2.3. Laser ablation; 6.2.4. Contact patterns and void formation; 6.2.5. Interconnection issues; 6.3. Boron-oxygen related degradation; 6.3.1. Strategies to deal with B-O related degradation; 6.3.2. Regeneration of B-O related defects; 6.4. State-of-the-art industrial PERC solar cells
7. Summary and OutlookAcknowledgments; References; Chapter Two: Amorphous Silicon/Crystalline Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells; 1. Introduction; 2. Passivating c-Si Surfaces with a-Si:H; 2.1. Recombination at surfaces; 2.2. Physics of passivation; 2.3. Deposition of high-quality a-Si:H films; 2.4. Surface passivation on n- and p-type wafers; 3. From Passivated Wafers to Complete Solar Cells; 3.1. Wafer cleaning and texturing; 3.2. Electron and hole collectors: Doped a-Si:H layers; 3.3. Transparent conductive oxide layers; 3.4. Metallization; 3.5. Record cells
4. Losses in Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells
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Includes bibliographical references at the end of each chapters and index.
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Willeke, Gerhard P., editor.
Weber, Eicke R., editor.
Ballif, Christophe, contributor.
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