Ndyuka / George L. Huttar and Mary L. Huttar.

Huttar, George L., author.
London ; New York : Routledge, 1994.
Descriptive grammars.
Descriptive grammars
1 online resource (650 p.)
Ndjuka language -- Grammar.
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First published in 1994. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
Cover; Title; Copyright; Dedication; Contents; Abbreviations; Map; Introduction; 1. Syntax; 1.1. General questions; 1.1.1. Sentence types; Direct vs. indirect speech; Interrogatives; Imperatives; Other sentence types; Indirect speech acts; 1.1.2. Subordination; Markers of subordination; Noun clauses; Adjective (relative) clauses; Adverb clauses; Sequence of tenses; 1.2. Structural questions; 1.2.1. Internal structure of the sentence; Copular sentences; Verbal sentences Adverbials1.2.2. Adjective phrases; 1.2.3. Adverbial phrases; 1.2.4. Prepositional phrases; 1.2.5. Noun phrases (nominal constituent); 1.3. Coordination; 1.4. Negation; 1.5. Anaphora; 1.6. Reflexives; 1.7. Reciprocals; 1.8. Comparison; 1.9. Equatives; 1.10. Possession; 1.11. Emphasis; 1.12. Topic; 1.13. Heavy shift; 1.14. Other movement processes; 1.15. Minor sentence types; 1.16. Operational definitions for word classes; Notes to chapter 1; 2. Morphology; 2.1. Inflection; 2.1.1. Noun inflection; Syntactic and semantic functions of noun phrases Expression of specific syntactic functions2.1.1.3. Syntactic functions in nonfinite clauses; Expression of other non-local functions; Local semantic functions; Location in time; Double case-marking; Number marking in nouns; Noun classes or genders; Definiteness in noun phrases; Indefiniteness in noun phrases; Referential and nonreferential indefiniteness; Genericness in noun phrases; Obviative; 2.1.2. Pronouns; 2.1.3. Verb morphology; Voice; Tense; Aspect Mood2.1.3.5. Finite and non-finite forms; Person/number, etc.; Strings of verbs, including serial verb constructions; 2.1.4. Adjectives; 2.1.5. Prepositions/postpositions; 2.1.6. Numerals/quantifiers; 2.1.7. Adverbs; 2.1.8. Clitics; 2.2. Derivational morphology; Notes to chapter 2; 3. Phonology; 3.1. Phonological units (segmental); 3.2. Phonotactics; 3.3. Suprasegmentals; 3.4. Morphophonology (segmental); Notes to chapter 3; 4. Ideophones and interjections; 5. Lexicon; 5.1. Structured semantic fields; 5.1.1. Kinship terminology; 5.1.2. Colour terminology
5.1.3. Body parts5.1.4. Cooking terminology; 5.1.5. Music and dance; 5.2. Basic vocabulary; Notes to chapter 5; Bibliography; Index of selected forms and topics
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Includes bibliographical references (pages 626-629) and index.
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Huttar, Mary L., 1938- author.
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