Biomarkers of neurological and psychiatric disease [electronic resource] / edited by Paul C. Guest, Sabine Bahn.

1st ed.
Amsterdam : Elsevier/Academic Press, 2011.
International review of neurobiology ; v. 101.
International review of neurobiology, 0074-7742 ; v. 101
1 online resource (471 p.)
Nervous system -- Diseases.
Mental illness -- Physiological aspects.
Schizophrenia -- Physiological aspects.
Biochemical markers.
Electronic books.
Published since 1959, International Review of Neurobiology is a well-known series appealing to neuroscientists, clinicians, psychologists, physiologists, and pharmacologists. Led by an internationally renowned editorial board, this important serial publishes both eclectic volumes made up of timely reviews and thematic volumes that focus on recent progress in a specific area of neurobiology research. This volume reviews existing theories and current research surrounding the movement disorder Dyskinesia. Leading authors review state-of-the-art in their field of investigation and
Front Cover; Biomarkers of Neurological and Psychiatric Disease; Copyright; Contents; Contributors; Preface; Chapter 1: General Overview: Biomarkers in Neuroscience Research; I. The Quest for Biomarkers in Neuroscience; A. Biomarkers in Clinical Practice; B. Biomarkers for the Development of Novel Therapeutics and in Basic Research; II. Tools for Biomarker Discovery in Neuroscience; III. Advancements in Biomarker Discovery in Neuroscience; A. Mouse Models; B. Human Data; 1. Postmortem Brain Tissue Studies; 2. Cerebrospinal Fluid Studies; 3. Plasma Studies; C. Future Directions
IV. Considerations for Biomarker Discovery and Translation in NeuroscienceA. Disease Complexity; B. Sample Quality and Collection; C. Candidate Biomarker Validation; D. Systemic Approaches and Biomarker Initiatives; V. Outlook-The Perspective of Personalized Medicine; Acknowledgments; References; Chapter 2: Imaging brain microglial activation using positron emission tomography and translocator protein-specific radioligands; I. Introduction; II. Principles of PET Imaging; III. TSPO for Assessment of Microglial Expression; IV. Challenges Facing PET Imaging of the TSPO; V. Disease Applications
A. Neuroinflammatory DiseasesB. Neurodegenerative Diseases; C. Movement Disorders; 1. Parkinson's Disease; 2. Huntington's Disease; D. Stroke; E. Neuropsychiatric Diseases; VI. Conclusion; Acknowledgments; References; Chapter 3: The utility of gene expression in blood cells for diagnosing neuropsychiatric disorders; I. Introduction; II. Microarray Gene Expression Analysis; III. Diagnostic Gene Expression Classifiers; IV. Blood Gene Expression Studies of Neuropsychiatric Disorders; V. MicroRNA Expression Analysis; VI. Pharmacogenomics; VII. Concluding Remarks; Acknowledgments; References
Chapter 4: Proteomic technologies for biomarker studies in psychiatry: Advances and NeedsI. Introduction; II. The Social Impact of Psychiatric Disorders; III. The Role of Proteomics in Psychiatry; A. What Has Been Done So Far?; IV Proteomic Studies in Psychiatry: What Methods Have Been Used to Date?; A Sample Preparation; B Two-Dimensional Gel Electrophoresis and Mass Spectrometry; C Shotgun Proteomics; 1 Label-Free MS; 2 Stable Isotope Labeling; 3 In Vivo Labeling; D SELDI-TOF; E Metabolomics; F Multiplex Analyte Profiling Approach; G What Is the Best Method for Proteome Characterization?
V Underexplored Proteomic Methods in Psychiatry StudiesA Phosphoproteomics; B SILAC; C MALDI Imaging; VI. The Importance of Validation Experiments in Proteomics for Biomarker Discovery in Psychiatry; A. Validation Technologies; 1. Selective Reaction Monitoring; 2. ELISA; 3. Western Blot; 4. Functional Genomics; 5. Tissue Microarray; 6. Protein Arrays; VII. Clinical Translation; VIII. Summary; Acknowledgments; References; Chapter 5: Converging evidence of blood-based biomarkers for schizophrenia: An Update; I. Introduction; II. Methodology; A. Compilation of Literature Serum/Plasma Biomarkers
B. Compilation of In-House Serum Biomarkers
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
Guest, Paul C.
Bahn, Sabine.
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