Small animal ear diseases [electronic resource] : an illustrated guide / Louis N. Gotthelf.

Gotthelf, Louis N.
St. Louis : Elsevier/Saunders, c2005.
1 online resource (444 p.)
2nd ed.

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Dogs -- Diseases.
Cats -- Diseases.
Ear -- Diseases.
Otitis in animals.
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The second edition of this reference features more than 300 high-quality color illustrations to assist practicing veterinarians and veterinary students in identifying small animal ear diseases. It begins with a review of the science involved in diagnosing and treating ear disease, including the anatomy of the ear, examination techniques, and pathophysiology. Coverage also includes discussions of specific ear disease conditions, based on the standard ear disease classification scheme of predisposing factors, primary causes, and perpetuating factors. The consistent presentation of each disorder
Front Cover; Copyright Page; Contributors; Preface; Acknowledgments; Chapter 1. Anatomy of the Canine and Feline Ear; Structure of the External Ear; Structure of the Ear Canal; Tympanic Membrane; Middle Ear; Inner Ear; Suggested Readings; Chapter 2. Examination of the External Ear Canal; The Normal Ear; Assessing the Ear Canals; Otoscopy; Assessing the Eardrum; Skin Diseases Affecting the Ear; Suggested Readings; Chapter 3. Cytology and Histopathology of the Ear in Health and Disease; Cytology; Normal Cytology; Abnormal Cytology; Histopathology; Normal Histoanatomy
Chronic Inflammatory OtitisNeoplasia; Conclusion; References; Chapter 4. Diagnostic Imaging of the Ear; Conventional Radiography; Positive Contrast Canalography; Computed Tomography (CT); Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI); Conclusion; References; Chapter 5. Primary Causes of Ear Disease; Trauma; Atopic Dermatitis; Food Allergy; Ear Mites; Ticks; Demodectic Mange; Other Insects; Foreign Material; Ectopic Hairs; Other Causes; Hypothyroidism; Suggested Readings; Chapter 6. Adverse Food Reactions (AFR); Background; Immunopathogenesis in Humans; Signalment and History; Physical Findings; Diagnosis
TreatmentReferences; Chapter 7. Factors that Predispose the Ear to Otitis Externa; Stenotic Ear Canals; Vertical Ear Canal; Horizontal Ear Canal; Overtreatment; Stenosis; Hair in Ear Canals; Excessive Cerumen Production; Trauma; Neoplasia of the Ear Canals; Suggested Readings; Chapter 8. Perpetuating Factors and Treatment of Otitis Externa; Cytologic Evaluation; Flushing of the Ear Canal; Examining the Ear Canal; Perpetuating Factors; Treatment; Follow-Up; Suggested Readings; Chapter 9. Microbiology of the Ear of the Dog and Cat; Otitis Externa; Otitis Media; Conclusion; References
Suggested ReadingsChapter 10. Ceruminous Diseases of the Ear; Histopatholog y of the External Ear Canal; Etiolog y of Ceruminous Otitis; Disorders of Keratinization; Nutritional Deficiency; Allergic Dermatitis; Parasitic Dermatosis; Tumors of the Ear Canal; Environmental and Conformational Causes of Ceruminous Otitis; Suggested Readings; Chapter 11. Failure of Epithelial Migration: Ceruminoliths; Epithelial Migration; Failure of Epithelial Migration; Ceruminoliths; Removal; Suggested Readings; Chapter 12. Diseases that Affect the Pinna; Pinna Anatomy; Aural Hematoma; Pinnal Trauma
Pruritic DermatosesSarcoptic Mange; Notoedric Mange; Trombiculiasis; Louse Infestations; Insect Bite Dermatitis; Atopic Dermatitis; Food Allergy; Contact Dermatitis; Cutaneous Adverse Drug Reaction; Dermatoses of the Ear Margin; Crusty and Scaly Dermatoses; Dermatoses of the Concave Pinna; Symmetrical Pinnal Alopecia; Nodules and Plaques; References; Suggested Readings; Chapter 13. Simple Diagnosis and Treatment of Pruritic Otitis; Clinical Treatment Trial for Pruritus; Analyzing the Results of the Trial; Ear Therapy; Reference; Chapter 14. Diagnosis and Treatment of Otitis Media
Signalment and History
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Includes bibliographical references and index.