Understanding patients' voices : a multi-method approach to health discourse / Marta Antón, Elizabeth M. Goering ; with chapters contributed by Ulla Connor [and six others].

Antón, Marta, author.
Amsterdam, [Netherlands] ; Philadelphia, [Pennsylvania] : John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2015.
1 online resource (201 p.)
Pragmatics & beyond new series ; Volume 257.
Pragmatics & Beyond New Series (P&bns), 0922-842X ; Volume 257

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Communication in medicine.
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Cultural competence.
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Understanding Patients' Voices; Editorial page; Title page; LCC data; Table of contents; Acknowledgements; Introduction; I. Research design; 1. Health discourse and chronic disease management: An overview; 1. Chronic diseases: A global challenge; 2. Chronic disease management; 3. Linguistic and health discourse perspectives on chronic disease management; 2. Data collection methodology; 1. Beginnings; 2. Designing the interview schedule; 3. Pilot testing and revising the interview schedule; 4. Translating the interview schedul; 5. Recruiting subjects; 6. Training interviewers
7. Conducting the interviews8. Demographic profile of sample; 9. Preparing data for analysis; Appendix A; Appendix B; List of notation; II. Methodologies for data analysis; 3. Ordered probit modeling; 1. Developing a conceptual model of chronic disease management; 2. Operationalization of variables; 3. Data analysis through ordered probit modeling; 4. Results from bivariate probit estimator modeling; 5. Results from multivariate probit estimator modeling; 6. Discussion and conclusion; 4. Using corpus-based analytical methods to study patient talk; 1. Introduction; 2. Methodology
3. Results and discussion4. Conclusion; Appendix A; 5. Metaphors as mirrors into what it means to be diabetic: Patients' perspectives; 1. Review of literature and development of research questions; 2. Metaphor analysis methodology; 3. Results; 4. Discussion; 5. Metaphor analysis in health research: Challenges and lessons learned; 6. Sociocultural and activity theory perspectives on agency in Spanish speaking diabetes patients; 1. Theoretical perspectives on agency; 2. Sociociocultural and activity theory perspectives on action; 3. Data collection and analysis
4. Analysis of Latino patients' life stories from an activity theory perspective5. Conclusions; 7. Contrastive methodological approaches to study health information sources by Spanish and English-; 1. Health literacy and ethnicity; 2. Methods; 3. Results; 4. Discussion and conclusion; III. Translating research into practice; 8. Adapting methodology to diverse cultural contexts; 1. Background; 2. Steps in the translation process; 3. The pilot study; 4. Conclusion; 9. Translating research into practice; 1. What to assess; 2. Ways to assess; 3. Intervention techniques; 4. Conclusion
10. Conducting transdisciplinary research1. Collaboration among disciplines; 2. ICIC narrative; 3. Reflections on the process from ICIC team; 4. Recommendations; Conclusion; References; Name index ; Subject index
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Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
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Goering, Elizabeth M., author.
Connor, Ulla, contributor.