Yad Aharon : ... ʻal she-hevʼeti bo y.d. piyuṭim y.d. ḥidushim ṿe-y.d. meshali' ... = יד אהרן : על שהבאתי בו י"ד פיוטים י"ד חדושים וי"ד משלי' ...

Ashkenazi, Aharon Tsevi, author.
אשכנזי, אהרן צבי, מחבר.
Nidpas poh Śaloniḳ : Seʻady' ha-Leṿi Ashkenazi, 599 [1838 or 1839]
נדפס פה שאלוניק : סעדיה הלוי אשכנזי, 995 [8381 או 9381]
60 leaves ; 16 cm

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Jewish parables.
Hebrew poetry -- Greece -- Thessalonikē.
Jews -- Greece -- Thessalonikē.
Thessalonikē (Greece) -- Poetry.
Hebrew poetry.
Place of Publication:
Greece Thessaloniki.
This is a volume of Hebrew poetry, Midrashic interpretation, and lessons by Aharon Tsevi Ashkenazi of Saloniki (today Thessaloniki, Greece). The title, literally translated to "The hand of Aharon", from Exodus 29:9; however, the author notes in the lengthy title statement that Ya"d (Gematria 14) is for the 14 piyutim, 14 discourses, and 14 homilies that make up the work. He also notes that he wrote them without eyesight (emphasis on "hands of Aharon").
Friedberg date: 593.
There is a poem in honor of the holy land called "Ziʼara de-E.Y. (de-Erets Yiśraʼel)" and a chorus ("Pizmon") on leaves 2-4, with the acrostic headings spelling the name of the author (Aharon Tsevi); the author indicates this after the chorus.
The text is followed by a chart of errata (leaf 59a) and a final song in honor of Thessaloniki follows (called "Zemer le-kavod Śaloniḳ"; leaf 59b-60b) and is dedicated in honor of R. Shaʼul Molḥo, friend and patron ("baʻal ha-akhsanya sheli") of the author.
Local notes:
Penn Libraries copy rebound in linen; spine stamped in black "Yad Aharon Alinik 1833".
Acquired for the Penn Libraries with assistance from the Elis & Ruth Douer Endowed Fund.
Penn Provenance:
Penn Libraries copy contains emendations in contemporary handwriting by an unnamed scribe, who may have been emending the printed work via a manuscript. The inscriber may have been the author of the volume.
Sold at Kestenbaum and Company, sale 73 (June 22, 2017) lot 227.
Cited in:
Friedberg Yod 69
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Ashkenazi, Saʻadyah ha-leṿi, active 1838, printer.
Elis & Ruth Douer Endowed Fund.
אשכנזי, סעדיה הלוי, בערך 1838, מדפיס.