Korekushon. = これくしょん.

Standardized Title:
Korekushon (1937)
これくしょん (1937)
Tōkyō : Gohachi
62 volumes : illustrations ; 16 x 16 cm
1-gō (April 1937)--64-gō (June 1943).
Korekushon (1937)
Continued By:
Gohachi dayori. Tōkyō : Gohachi, September-December 1943
Succeeded by: Korekushon (1947). Ōsaka : Umeda Shobō, 1947-1957.
Whole numbering continued by: Korekushon. Tōkyō : Gyararī Gohachi, 1958-1986.
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Place of Publication:
Japan Tokyo.
Catalog and promotional magazine of Gohachi (Tokyo, Japan).
Some issues have distinctive titles.
Triple issue: dai 53/54/55-gō ; double issue: dai 58/59-gō.
Rinji zōkangō "Inkin to moyōshi" (December 1942), limited to 80 copies.
Ceased with 64-gō (June 1943), and continued directly by "Gohachi dayori" issued in 2 volumes (September-December, 1943). After the demise of publisher Gohachi, title continued by Ōsaka-based Umeda Shobō as "Korekushon (1947)" (1947-1957).
Whole numbering continued by "Korekushon" (Gyararī Gohachi, 1958-1986).
Description based on: 3-gō (June 1937).
Latest issue consulted: 64-gō (June 1943).
臨時増刊号 "印金と模様紙" (December 1942), limited to 80 copies.
Local notes:
Penn Libraries copy: numbers 32-64 (incomplete) in portfolio with label "Korekushon 32 yori 64 itaru". Issued with two volumes of successor "Gohachi dayori" (cataloged separately). Includes envelope addressed to Koshizaki Sōichi in Otaru-shi, containing announcement of the publication of Takeda Takeo's "Aizō kokeshi zufu" on stylized catalg slip in the shape of a kokeshi doll, along with postcard order form for the title as well as catalog/money order slip.
Penn Provenance:
Koshizaki, Sōichi, 1901- (former owner)
越崎宗一, 1901- (former owner)
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