Sport and militarism : contemporary global perspectives / edited by Michael L. Butterworth.

London ; New York, NY : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2017.
292 pages ; 24 cm.
Routledge research in sport, culture and society

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Sports -- Political aspects -- Case studies.
Militarism -- Social aspects -- Case studies.
Nationalism and sports -- Case studies.
Discrimination in sports -- Case studies.
Discrimination in sports.
Militarism -- Social aspects.
Nationalism and sports.
Sports -- Political aspects.
Case studies.
"The institutional relationship between sport and the military appears to be intensifying. In the US for example, which faced global criticism for its foreign policy during the "war on terror," militaristic images are commonplace at sporting events. The growing global phenomenon of conflating sport with war calls for closer analysis. This critical, interdisciplinary and international book seeks to identify intersections of sport and militarism as a means to interrogate, interrupt and intervene on behalf of democratic, peaceful politics. Viewing sport as a crucial site in which militarism is made visible and legitimate, the book explores the connections between sport, the military and the state, and their consequent impact on wider culture. Featuring case studies on sports such as association football, baseball and athletics from countries including the US, UK, Germany, Canada, South Africa, Brazil and Japan, each chapter sheds new light on the shifting significance of sport in our society. This book is fascinating reading for all those interested in sport and politics, the sociology of sport, communication studies, the ethics and philosophy of sport, or military sociology." -- Provided by publisher.
Sport and Militarism: An Introduction to a Global Phenomenon / Michael L. Butterworth
Section I: Sport, Militarism, and the State Call of Duty: Sport and the Urban Citizen Soldier / Kimberly S. Schimmel
Weaponizing Kinesiology: Illuminating the Militarization of Sport Sciences / David L. Andrews, Ross H. Miller, and Stephanie Cork
Baseball Czars, War, and the U.S. Military / Robert Elias
Aktiv, Attraktiv, Anders
The Bundeswehrs Deployment of German Athletes as Sport Soldiers / Mia Fischer
Sport and the Anglo-Boer War in South Africa, 1899-1902 / Dean Allen
The Absence and Presence of State Militarism: Violence, Football, Narcos, and Colombia / Alfredo Sabbagh Fajardo and Toby Miller
Section II: Ritual Productions of Militarism in Sport
God Bless America: An Anthem for American Exceptionalism and Empire / Ron Briley
War Games: The Politics of War, Sport Spectacles, and Grieving in Canada / Lisa McDermott and Jay Scherer
The Paradox of Militaristic Remembrance in British Sport and Popular Culture / John Kelly
Blood Warriors and Polite Siegfrieds: Militarism and Neo-Nationalism in German Media Discourse after the 2014 World Cup / Karsten Senkbeil
The Military in Brazilian Sport: A Long and Controversial Presence / Victor Andrade de Melo and Mauricio Drummond
Uniforms and Unanimity: Reading the Rhetorical Entanglement of Militarism and Sport through Mimetic Realism / Roberto Sirvent and Duncan Reyburn
Section III: Disciplining Gender through Sport and Militarism
The Phallus and the Pariah: The Cultural Politics of the Post-9/11 Sporting Body / Michael Silk
Trumpism, Tom Brady, and the Reassertion of White Supremacy in Militarized Post-9/11 America / Kyle Kusz
Teaching Violence: Corporal Punishment, Vertical Hierarchy, and the Reproduction of Militaristic Values in Contemporary Japanese Sports / Aaron Miller
Verifying Victory: The Militarized Politics of Sex Verification in International Sports / Shannon Holland
The Woman Who Saved Football in Georgia: A Rhetoric of Masculine Virtue and Spartan Motherhood / J. David Maxson.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Butterworth, Michael L., editor.
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