Boundaries and bridges : language contact in multilingual ecologies / edited by Kofi Yakpo and Pieter C. Muysken.

Boston : Walter de Gruyter Inc., 2017.
Language contact and bilingualism ; 2190-698X 14.
Language contact and bilingualism, 2190-698X ; volume 14
x, 443 pages ; 24 cm.
Languages in contact -- Suriname.
Multilingualism -- Suriname.
Sociolinguistics -- Suriname.
Languages in contact -- Guiana.
This series offers a wide forum for work on contact linguistics, using an integrated approach to both diachronic and synchronic manifestations of contact, ranging from social and individual aspects to structural-typological issues. Topics covered by the series include child and adult bilingualism and multilingualism, contact languages, borrowing and contact-induced typological change, code switching in conversation, societal multilingualism, bilingual language processing, and various other topics related to language contact. The series does not have a fixed theoretical orientation, and include.
Overview and background
Kofi Yakpo and Pieter Muysken: Language contact and change in the multilingual ecologies of the Guianas
Robert Borges: The people and languages of Suriname. Case studies. Kofi Yakpo: Creole in transition: contact with Dutch and typological change in Sranan
Robert Borges: The maroon creoles of the Guianas: expansion, contact, and hybridization
Kofi Yakpo: Out of India: language contact and change in Sarnami (Caribbean Hindustani)
Sophie Villerius: Developments in Surinamese Javanese
Luis Miguel Rojas-Berscia with Jia Ann Shi: Hakka as spoken in Suriname
Sergio Meira and Pieter Muysken: Cariban in contact: new perspectives on Trio-Ndyuka pidgin
Eithne B. Carlin: Language contact in Southern Suriname: the case of trio â¿¿and Wayana
Konrad Rybka: Contact-induced phenomena in Lokono (Arawakan)
Pieter Muysken: The transformation of a colonial language: Surinamese Dutch
Comparative perspectives. Robert Borges, Pieter Muysken, Sophie Villerius and Kofi Yakpo: The tense-mood-aspect systems of the languages of Suriname
Bettina Migge: From grammar to meaning: towards a framework for studying synchronic language contact
Kofi Yakpo and Pieter Muysken: Multilingual ecologies in the Guianas: overview, typology, prospects.
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
Yakpo, Kofi, editor author.
Muysken, Pieter editor author.
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1614516847 (hardcover)
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