The Yorùbá traditional healers of Nigeria / Mary Olufunmilayo Adekson.

Adekson, Mary Olufunmilayo, author.
New York, New York ; London, [England] : Routledge, 2003.
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Yoruba (African people) -- Medicine.
Healers -- Nigeria.
Counseling -- Nigeria.
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This work examines the counseling approaches and techniques used by Yoruba traditional healers of Nigeria. It also describes the functions performed by Yoruba traditional healers when they work within the Yoruba cultural milieu. The information elicited from Yoruba traditional healers through videotape and interviews was analyzed by a Nigerian woman from the Yoruba ethnic group. The results of the volume support the premise that culture plays a significant role in the kind of healing methods and counseling techniques used by professionals and traditional healers, as well as in the type of prof
Cover; Title Page; Copyright Page; Table of Contents; Foreword; Acknowledgements; Chapter 1 Introduction; Cultural and Methodological Context; Methodology and Hypotheses; Need for the Study; Focus and Potential Applicability of Study; Important/Critical Concepts, Names and Terms; Tradition; Traditional Medicine; Traditional Healers; Babaláwo; Divining; Diviners; Herbalists; Traditional Counseling; Dean of Healers; Odù Ifá; Ifá; Divining Chain; Alternative Medicine; Disease or Ill Health; Illness; Client; Yorùbá; Olódùmarè; The gods; Summary; Chapter 2 Review of Related Literature
Nigerian Ethnic GroupsYorùbá Land and the Yorùbá; Ethnomedicine; Personalistic and Naturalistic Etiologies; Diagnosis in Personalistic Etiologies; Diagnosis in Naturalistic Etiologies; Disease; Illness; Alternative Medicine; Cultural Issues; Culture and Traditional Healers; Myths and Superstitions; Tradition; Traditional Systems of Healing; Helpers; Traditional Healers; Roles and Functions of Traditional Healers; Herbalists' Role; Religious Healers; Techniques; Props and Cues; Healing Factors in Traditional Therapy; Counseling and Western-Trained Nigerian Counselors
Guidance and Counseling in NigeriaQuality and Criticisms of Research Reviewed; Summary; Chapter 3 Methodology and Procedures; The Case Study Methodology; Settings and the Language used for the Research; Support for the Research; Population and Sample; Description of the Research Subjects; The Research Entourage; Tools for Data Collection; Description of the Procedures for Data Collection; Interview Schedule; Videotaping Yorùbá Traditional Healers; Observing Yorùbá Traditional Healers; Journal and Record Keeping; Validity and Reliability; Data Collection
Approach to Gathering and Presenting the DataSummary; Chapter 4 Case Facts and Hypotheses; Yorùbá Traditional Healers' (YTHS') Background and Status; Herbalist/Oníseg̣̀ùn 1; Herbalist/Oníseg̣̀ùn 2; Herbalist/Oníseg̣̀ùn 3; Herbalist/Oníseg̣̀ùn 4; Diviners (Ifá Priests); The Chief Diviner; Hypothesis 1; Group Divining; Yorùbá Traditional Healers' Client-Healer Relationships; Dr. Awótáyo;̣̀ Dr. Akínoḷá; Chief Abíoḷá; Dr. Adésànyà; Diviner-Client Healing Relationship; Diagnoses in Yorùbá Traditional Healing; Chapter 5 Case Facts and Hypotheses (Continued); Interventions in Yorùbá Traditional Healing
Hypothesis 2Techniques used by Yorùbá Traditional Healers; Divining; The Process of Ifá Divination; Sacrifices; Herbarium-Herbal Therapy; Therapeutic Dances; Prayer; Entreating and Invoking the gods and ancestors; Hypothesis 3; Incisions; Dreams and Dream Interpretations; Proverbs; Folk Tales and Stories; Hypothesis 4; Sources of the Techniques Used; Interactional Approaches; Hypothesis 5; Healer-Client Interactive Interrelational Strategies; Hypothesis 6; Yorùbá Traditional Healers' Treatment Strategies; Dr. Awótáyo;̣̀ Dr. Akínoḷá; Chief Abíoḷá; Dr. Adésànyà; Diviners' Treatment Strategies
Yorùbá Traditional Healers' Unique Roles in the Community
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