Dualism [electronic resource] : the original sin of cognitivism / William R. Uttal.

Uttal, William R.
Mahwah, N.J. : L. Erlbaum Associates, 2004.
1 online resource (361 p.)
Cognitive psychology -- Philosophy.
Dualism -- History.
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Directed to scholars and senior-level graduate students, this book is an iconoclastic survey of the history of dualism and its impact on contemporary cognitive psychology. It argues that much of modern cognitive or mentalist psychology is built upon a cryptodualism--the idea that the mind and brain can be thought of as independent entities. This dualism pervades so much of society that it covertly influences many aspects of modern science, particularly psychology. To support the argument, the history of dualism is extended over 100,000 years--from the Paleolithic times until modern philosophic
Cover; Half Title; Title Page; Copyright Page; Dedication; Table of Contents; Preface; 1 Introduction; 1.1 The Thesis; 1.2 Organization of This Book; 1.3 A Glossary of Critical Terms; 1.4 Questions Answerable and Unanswerable; 1.5 The Relation of Science and Religion; 1.6 A Chain of Logic; 2 The Paleoanthropology of Dualism; 2.1 The Task; 2.2 The Paleoanthropology of Death; 2.3 Conclusion; 3 The Neolithic Archeology of Dualism; 3.1 The Roots of Civilization; 3.2 Neolithic Burials; 3.3 Neolithic Religions; 4 The Early written History of Religious Dualism; 4.1 The Birth of History
4.2 The Early History of Death, Afterlife, and Dualism4.3 Conclusion; 5 Modern Religious Dualisms; 5.1 The Rise of Monotheism; 5.2 Modern Religions; 5.3 Interim Summary; 6 Modern Philosophical Dualisms; 6.1 The "Detheologizing" of Dualism; 6.2 Traditional Dualist Philosophies; 6.3 A Sample of Modern Dualist Philosophies: The New Logicians; 6.4 A Brief Taxonomy of Dualisms; 6.5 A Brief Taxonomy of Materialist Monisms; 6.6 Interim Conclusion; 7 Dualism and Psychology; 7.1 The Cryptic Assumptions of Modern Psychology; 7.2 Psychologists of Consciousness
7.3 The Revolt Against Consciousness: Behaviorism7.4 A Summary; 8 Summary and Conclusions; References; Author Index; Subject Index
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