French Politics and Society [electronic resource].

Cole, Alistair.
Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2015.
1 online resource (316 p.)
2nd ed.

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Assuming no previous knowledge and concentrating on the post-1981 era, this book introduces the fundamentals of French government and society.  Covering a broad spectrum of topics, French Politics and Society 2nd Edition follows a logical structure and framework for analysis, providing an excellent description of French institutions, access to background information and discussions of historical developments, political forces, public policy, and the evolution of important aspects of French society.

Cover; Half Title; Title; Copyright; Contents; List of illustrations; List of tables; Preface; Acknowledgements; List of abbreviations; A glossary of difficult expressions; A guide to further reading; Part 1 The making of modern France; 1 The making of modern France; 1.1 Introduction; 1.2 The ancien régime; 1.3 The French Revolution: the making of modern France; 1.4 The French Revolution: a divisive heritage; 1.5 The Third Republic, 1870-1940; 1.6 Vichy and the French Resistance, 1940-4; 1.7 The Fourth Republic, 1944-58; 1.8 Concluding remarks; 2 France since 1958; 2.1 Introduction
2.2 De Gaulle's Republic2.3 May '68: the Fifth Republic in crisis; 2.4 Georges Pompidou: the acceptable face of Gaullism?; 2.5 Valéry Giscard d'Estaing: the aristocracy in power, 1974-81; 2.6 François Mitterrand 1981-8: the chameleon; 2.7 Mitterrand's second term, 1988-95; 2.8 President Chirac, 1995-7: the abrupt presidency; 2.9 Jospin and the plural left coalition; 2.10 Chirac's second term, 2002-; 2.11 Concluding remarks; 3 French political culture; 3.1 Introduction; 3.2 Political culture in France: the traditional reading; 3.3 Traits of French political culture
3.4 The Fifth Republic and the new Republican synthesis3.5 Conclusion; Part 2 Institutions and power; 4 Presidents and Prime Ministers; 4.1 Introduction; 4.2 Political leadership in the French republican tradition; 4.3 The 1958 Constitution; 4.4 The French presidency; 4.5 Prime ministerial political leadership; 4.6 Concluding remarks: what type of political system is the Fifth Republic?; 5 Checks and balances?; 5.1 Introduction; 5.2 The organisation of the French parliament in the Fifth Republic; 5.3 Parliament in the Fifth Republic: an emasculated legislature?
5.4 Political dynamics and the operation of parliament5.5 The judicialisation of French politics?; 5.6 Concluding remarks; 6 The immobile state?; 6.1 Introduction; 6.2 The French civil service: characteristics, context and culture; 6.3 The French state today: continuity, conflict, cohesion; 6.4 The reform of the state; 6.5 Concluding remarks; 7 Local and regional government; 7.1 Introduction; 7.2 The French model of territorial administration; 7.3 The decentralisation reforms, 1982-3; 7.4 Local and regional government after decentralisation; 7.5 The French prefect and the decentralised state
7.6 Revisiting decentralisation: the 2003-4 reforms7.7 Decentralisation in France: concluding remarks; Part 3 Political forces and representation; 8 The French party system: change and understanding change; 8.1 Introduction; 8.2 The French party system before 1981; 8.3 The changing French party system; 8.4 Underlying continuities in the French party system; 8.5 Concluding remarks; 9 French parties today; 9.1 Introduction; 9.2 The Gaullists; 9.3 The Union for French Democracy (UDF); 9.4 The Socialist Party; 9.5 The Communist Party; 9.6 The National Front; 9.7 The Greens; 9.8 The minor parties
9.9 Concluding remarks
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