The effusions, collection of volumes 1905-1914.

Ell Kube.
1 volume + 2 photographs, 2 leaves.

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Jewish men -- Pennsylvania -- Philadelphia -- Societies and clubs -- 20th century.
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Ell Kube was a literary club in Philadelphia founded by a group of young Jewish men in 1904. Also know as LLL Club it was developed from boyhood friendships later taking on additional members. The LLL stood for the motto: To learn to love and laugh. Many of the the club's members attended the University of Pennsylvania. Some members include: Samuel Weiller Fernberger, professor of experimental psychology, Horace T. Fleisher, Maurice T. Fleisher, Henry I. Hyneman, David J. Loeb, LeRoy B. Rothschild, a Philadelphia architect, and Samuel M. Shloss. The club produced a magazine authored, created, and shared by members entitled The effusions.
A small collection of handmade, typescript, magazines entitled The effusions. The yearly volumes produced by Jewish literary club in Philadelphia namedThe Ell Kube. There are seven volumes bound together in green leather covers with a gilt stamped logo of the club on the cover bearing three L's and two birds. The volumes span the years from 1904 to 1914. Volumes II to VII have title pages and tables of contents. Initials of the authors and club members appear beside each of the items in the journal. The magazines are comprised of essays ranging a variety of subjects including conservation, historical figures, Jewish interests, Philadelphia housing, photography, psychology, and suffrage. Also included in each volume are ballads, plays, poems, and short stories. In addition to the writings each issue has at least one leaf with a mounted photograph. Photographs were taken by Samuel W. Fernberger. One image is of swans. The remainder of the photographs appear to be of club members. Volume I is lacking the title page and table of contents and the first few leaves are brittle and torn. Volume VII celebrates the Ell Kube's 10th anniversary. Laid in the volume are two photographs of LeRoy B. Rothschild; a card with the club's emblem along with the dates 1904-1929 is signed on the front by Rothschild and signatures of Loeb, Fleisher, Fernberger and seven other members on the back; and a torn endpaper appears to be signed by several members.
[Volume I. 1905-1906]
Volume II. 1906-1907
Volume III. 1907-1908
Volume IV. 1908-1909
Volume V. 1909-1910
Volume VI. 1910-1911
Volume VII. 1914
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