Smart Computing and Communication : First International Conference, SmartCom 2016, Shenzhen, China, December 17-19, 2016, Proceedings / edited by Meikang Qiu.

1st ed. 2017.
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This book constitutes the proceedings of the First International Conference on Smart Computing and Communication, SmartCom 2016, held in Shenzhen, China, in December 2016. The 59 papers presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 210 submissions. The conference focuses on both smart computing and communications fields and aims to collect recent academic work to improve the research and practical applications.
Cost Reduction for Data Allocation in Heterogenous Cloud Computing Using Dynamic Programming
Minimizing Bank Conict Delay for Real-Time Embedded Multicore systems via Bank Mapping
A Hybrid Algorithm Based on Particle Swarm Optimization and Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm
Cloud Computing and Pumping Unit Evaluation
Big Data and Mechanical Drawing Teaching Online
Energy Saving Method for On-chip Data Bus Based on Bit Switching Activity Perception with Multi-Encoding
A Novel PSO based Task Scheduling Algorithm for Multi-core Systems
Artificial bee colony algorithm with hierarchical groups for global numerical optimization
An Buffering Optimization Algorithm for Cooperative Mobile Service
Bignetwork: SDN Protocol Analysis with Process Algebra Method
Bignetwork: Unsupervised pre-training Classifier Based on Restricted Boltzmann Machine with Imbalanced Data
A secure homomorphic encryption algorithm over integers for data privacy protection in clouds
Big Data Management the Mass Weather Logs. - Application Of A Parallel FSM Parsing Algorithm For Web Engines
PTrack:A RFID-based Tracking Algorithm for Indoor Randomly Moving Targets
Predicting the Change of Stock Market Index based on Social Media Analysis
Human activity recognition based on smart phone's 3-axis acceleration sensor
Bug analysis of Android applications based on JPF
A Genetic-Ant-Colony Hybrid Algorithm for Task Scheduling in Cloud System
A Hybrid Algorithm of Extreme Learning Machine and Sparse Auto-encoder
Bank card and ID card number recognition in Android financial APP
Mining association rules from a dynamic probabilistic numerical dataset using estimated-frequent uncertain-itemsets
Optimized Strategy of MFCC for Multi-sensor Sign Language Recognition
Security and Privacy Issues: A Survey on FinTech
Multi-sensor system calibration approach based on forward-model and inverse-model
A Virtual Communication Strategy for Smart Photovoltaic Generation Systems
Hybrid One-Class Collaborative Filtering for Job Recommendation
Learning Quality Evaluation of MOOC Based on Big Data Analysis
QoS-driven Frequency Scaling for Energy Efficiency and Reliability of Static Web Servers in Software-defined Data Centers
Making Cloud Storage Integrity Checking Protocols Economically Smarter
E3: Efficient Error Estimation for Fingerprint-based Indoor Localization System
Attribute-based and keywords vector searchable public key encryption
PADS:A Reliable Pothole Detection System Using Machine Learning
A Quantitative Approach for Memory Fragmentation in Mobile Systems
A DDoS Detection and Mitiation System Framework based on Spark and SDN
Based on Cloud-based GIS in the Wisdom Yellow River emergency system design and research
Based on the MapX contour mapping algorithm
The Function of GIS in the Smart City Construction
A Novel PSO-DE Co-evolutionary Algorithm Based on Decomposition Framework
Rhythm Authentication Using Multi-Touch Technology: A New Method of Biometric Authentication
An Improved Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption Scheme
An information-centric architecture for server clustering towards 3D data-intensive applications
Efficient Computation for the longest common subsequence with substring inclusion and subsequence exclusion constraints
An Optimal Algorithm for a Computer Game in Linear Time
AUDITOR: A Stage-wise Soft-Error Detection Scheme for Flip-op Based Pipelines
Aggregating Heterogeneous Services in the Smart City: The Practice in China
Improving Reliability of Cache with Hybrid Memory Hierarchy by STT-RAM
SOA Reference Architecture: Standards and Analysis
An Evolutionary Approach for Short-Term Traffic Flow Forecasting Service in Intelligent Transportation System
The production Investigation of DOM Based on full digital photogrammetric system VirtuoZo
A Congestion Avoidance Algorithm based on Fuzzy Controlling
An Efficient Adaptive-ID Secure Revocable Hierarchical Identity-based Encryption Scheme
Understanding Networking Capacity Management in Cloud Computing
A PSO-Based Virtual Network Mapping Algorithm with Crossover Operator
WiHumidity: A Novel CSI-Based Humidity Measurement System. - Bike-Sharing System: a Big-Data Perspective. - Process mining of event log from web information and administration system for management of student's computer networks. - A Virtual Network Embedding Algorithm based on Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization
Research on Content Distribution of P2P VoD with Cloud Assisting.
Qiu, Meikang, editor., Editor,
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