Scythians : warriors of ancient Siberia / edited by St. John Simpson and Svetlana Pankova.

New York : Thames & Hudson Inc., 2017.
368 pages : illustrations ; 29 cm.
Art, Scythian -- Exhibitions.
Scythians -- History -- Exhibitions.
Art, Scythian.
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HISTORY / Ancient.
Exhibition catalogs.
Exhibition catalogs.
This book is a catalogue of an exhibition about the Scythians, who were an ancient nomadic people, who lived in the Russian steppe from 900 to 400 BC. They established a rich, nomadic civilization stretching from their homeland in Siberia as far as the Black Sea and the edge of China. Mobility and mastery of local resources were central to their culture and their achievements. Forerunners of the Sarmatians, the Huns, the Turks and the Mongols, the Scythians were feared adversaries and respected neighbours of the Assyrians, the Persians and the Ancient Greeks. Much of what we know about them comes from the Ancient Greek historian Herodotus, as they left no written records of their own. Many of the objects found are exceptionally well preserved because of the permanent frost in the high Altai mountains, and they offer unique insights in to the life and funerary customs of the Scythians. Drawing on the latest research this book will appeal to anyone interested in the ancient world and Russian culture.
Introduction / St. John Simpson, Svetlana Pankova
The Scythians in Eurasia / A. Yu. Alexeyev
The Siberian Collection of Peter the Great
Early nomads of Central Asia and southern Siberia / K. G. Chugunov
Personal appearance / E. V. Stepanova, Svetlana Pankova
Eating, drionking, and everyday life / St. John Simpson, E. V. Stepanova
Mounted warriors / K. V. Chugunov, T. V. Rjabkova, St. John Simpson
Death and burial / E. F. Korolkova
The Scythians and their cultural contacts / A. Yu. Alexeyev, E. F. Korolkova, T. V. Rjabkova, E. V. Stepanova
After the Scythians / N. N. Nikolaev, Svetlana Pankova.
At head of title: The BP exhibition.
"Organized with the State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia."
Catalog of an exhibition held at the British Museum, London, September 14, 2017 - January 14, 2018.
Includes bibliographical references (pages 352-361) and index.
Simpson, St John, editor.
Pankova, Svetlana, editor.
British Museum, host institution.
Gosudarstvennyĭ Ėrmitazh (Russia), host institution.
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