The Annals of Iowa [electronic resource].

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Howe's annals of Iowa
Iowa City, Iowa : State Historical Society,
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-v. 12, no. 4 (Oct. 1874); New ser., v. 1, pt. 1 (Jan. 1882)-v. 3, pt. 4 (Oct. 1884); 3rd. ser., v. 1, no. 1 (Apt. 1893)-
Annals of the State Historical Society of Iowa.
Iowa -- History -- Periodicals.
Place of Publication:
United States Iowa Iowa City.
"Early Ia. newspapers. A contribution toward a bibliography of the newspapers established in Iowa before the Civil War, by David C. Mott": ser. 3, v. 16, p. 161-233.
Editors: Theodore S. Parvin, 1865; Frederick LLoyd, 1866, 1870-1874; Sanford W. Huff, 1867-1869; Samuel Storrs Howe, 1882-1884; Charles Aldrich, 1893-1908; Edgar Harlan, 1909-1937; O.E. Klingaman, 1937-1939; Ora Williams, 1939-1947; Emory H. English, 1947-1958; Fleming Fraker, Jr., 1958-1961; Suzanne Beisel, 1961-1965; Sandra Knapron, 1965-1966; Jane Risdon, 1966; Joan Muyskens, 1967-1969; Dorothy Carlson, 1969-1971; Linda K. Thomson, 1971-1972; Judith Gildner, 1972-1980; Christie Dailey, 1980-1988; Marvin Bergman, 1988-
Editors: 1893-1908, C. Aldrich.--1909- E. R. Harlan.
Third series, v. 13- includes "Iowa authors and their works. A contribution toward a bibliography. By Alice Marple."
Place of publication: Des Moines, Ia., 1893-
Publishers: Samuel Storrs Howe, 1882-1884; Historical Department of Iowa, 1893-1925; Historical, Memorial and Art Department of Iowa, 1925-1939; Iowa State Department of History and Archives, 1939-1974; Iowa State Historical Department, Historical Museum and Archives Division, 1974-1985; State Historical Society of Iowa, 1985-
Cover title: Howe's annals of Iowa, 1883-Jan. 1884.
Suspended Oct. 1915-Apr. 1920.
Finding Aid/Index:
Vols. 1-3, Apr. 1893-Jan. 1909. 1 v.; Vols. 9-16, Apr. 1909-Apr. 1929. 1 v.; Vols. 17-28, July 1929-Apr. 1947, with v. 28.
Huff, Sanford W.
Aldrich, Charles, 1828-1908.
Harlan, Edgar Rubey, 1869-1941.
Howe, Samuel Storrs, 1808-1888.
Parvin, T. S. (Theodore Sutton), 1817-1901.
Lloyd, Frederick.
Iowa. Historical Department.
Iowa. Historical, Memorial, and Art Department.
Iowa. Division of Historical Museum and Archives.
State Historical Society of Iowa.
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