Death of a She Devil / Fay Weldon.

Weldon, Fay author.
London : Head of Zeus, 2017.
346 pages ; 24 cm
Older women -- Fiction.
Sexism -- Fiction.
Older women.
Humorous fiction
Domestic fiction.
Humorous fiction.
"'The women of the world gave up romance, subservience and submission, and once empowered, took to hard work, truth and reality. Much good has it done them.' Ruth Patchett, the original She Devil, is now eighty-four and keen to retire. But who can take up her mantle? Enter Tyler Patchett, our new kind of heroine and Ruth's grandson. He's an ultra-confident, twenty-three-year-old man: beautiful, resentful and unemployed. Tyler won't be satisfied until he can transition into the ultimate symbol of power and status. A woman. In Fay Weldon's 1983 classic, The Life and Loves of a She Devil, women fought men for power and won. In 2017, men take a decisive step to get their power back..."--Front jacket flap.
Welcome Page; About Death of a She Devil; Contents; Part 1: The Past Is Never Over; Chapter 1: My Children Will Not Speak To Me&; Chapter 2: Now Let's Look In On Bobbo&; Chapter 3: The She Devil Tells Herself Lies; Chapter 4: According To The Family Therapist; Chapter 5: Signing-on Day; Chapter 6: Matilda Likes To Have The Last Word; Chapter 7: Hooowoo-h, Wooo-h, Wooo-h, I Am The Ghost Of Mary Fisher; Chapter 8: Valerie Valeria May Be Too Full Of Good Ideas; Chapter 9: A Life Of Constant, If Misguided, Endeavour; Chapter 10: A Dream Turned Sour&; Chapter 11: Actuality Becomes Irrelevant
Chapter 12: She's Not To Be Trusted; Chapter 13: Fear Of The Future; Chapter 14: The Power Balance Is Altering; Chapter 15: Ms Bradshap Is Riled; Chapter 16: Blood's Not Always Thicker Than Water; Chapter 17:Falling in Love Again (Can't Help It); Chapter 18: Walking The Other Way Walk; Chapter 19: For The Small-Minded, Small Things Are Important; Chapter 20: Samantha Stands By Her Man&; Chapter 21: Surely Someone Else's Fault?; Chapter 22: Free At Last; Chapter 23: 'There Are Bad Times Just Around The Corner There Are Dark Clouds Hurtling Through The Sky&'; Chapter 24: All Change!
Chapter 25: Samantha Tries To Make Things Nice; Chapter 26: A Thoroughly Sensible, Rational Person; Chapter 27: Valerie Goes To Her First Board Meeting; Chapter 28: The Servant Of A Strange God; Chapter 29: Dr Simmins To The Rescue; Chapter 30: 'We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident&'; Chapter 31: Me, Me, What About Me?; Chapter 32: Alone And Old And Very, Very Cross; Chapter 33: The She Devil Holds Valerie To Account; Chapter 34: Rescue Comes From On High; Chapter 35: The Girl Does Good; Chapter 36: Mary Fisher Remembers Her Place In Momus' Script
Chapter 37: How Miss Swanson Saved Tyler's Life&Chapter 38: No Place Like Home&; Chapter 39: All You Need Is Hate; Chapter 40: Portions And Parcels Of The Dreadful Past; Chapter 41: The Dream Of Steady Promotion; Chapter 42: The She Devil Doesn't Like To Make Mistakes; Chapter 43: A Strange Enchantment; Chapter 44: What Valerie Doesn't Know; Chapter 45: If Only One Had Substance!; Chapter 46: Nature Knows Best; Chapter 47: Matilda Eavens Has An Explanation&; Chapter 48: Poor Nicci, Deprived Of A Mother's Love; Chapter 49: Valerie Valeria's Eye Falls On Tyler; Chapter 50: Opportunity Knocks
Chapter 51: At Last! A Close Encounter For Tyler And ValerieChapter 52: Sudden Gusts! Sudden Gusts!; Chapter 53: Can This Be True Love?; Chapter 54: Be Afeared Of The Ghost Of Mary Fisher; Chapter 55: Valerie Just So Happens To Run Into Dr Simmins; Chapter 56: Depression Is Just Postponed Anger; Chapter 57: Valerie Ups The Game; Chapter 58: But What Is This?; Chapter 59: The She Devil Goes To Town; Chapter 60: I Always Meant Well; Chapter 61: Meet Your New Sisters; Chapter 62: A Matter Of Ethics; Chapter 63: Nurse Samantha Gets In Touch With Tyler
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