Handbook of prosocial education [electronic resource] / edited by Philip Brown, Michael W. Corrigan, and Ann Higgins-D'Alessandro.

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Lanham, MD : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2012.
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This handbook is the first definitive source on character education, social-emotional learning, and school climate improvement. Each chapter includes discussion of practices and models of education as well as theory and research that grounds these approaches. Case studies add the voices and insights of practitioners with experience in adopting, implementing, and evaluating prosocial education school reform strategies.
Contents; Foreword; Foreword. The Case for Prosocial Education: Developing Caring, Capable Citizens; Preface; Part I. DEFINING PROSOCIAL EDUCATION; CHAPTER 1. The Second Side of Education: Prosocial Development; CHAPTER 2. The History of Prosocial Education; CHAPTER 3. The History and Direction of Research on Prosocial Education; CHAPTER 4. The Practice of Prosocial Education; CHAPTER 5. Prosocial Education: A Coherent Approach to Putting Applied Theory into Action; Part II. PROSOCIAL EDUCATION: Evidence and Practice
CHAPTER 6. Character Education: A Primer on History, Research, and Effective PracticesCase Study 6A. Francis Howell Middle School, Missouri; Case Study 6B. The Jefferson Way; CHAPTER 7. Civic Education and Prosocial Behavior; Case Study 7A. Project Citizen; Case Study 7B. Civic Environmentalism: Social Responsibility for Public Resources; CHAPTER 8. Moral Education; Case Study 8A. Philosophy as Prosocial Education; Case Study 8B. Reading for Life; Case Study 8C. The "A"-School: Democracy and Learning
CHAPTER 9. School Climate and Culture Improvement: A Prosocial Strategy That Recognizes,Educates, and Supports the Whole Child and the Whole School CommunityCase Study 9A. School Climate: The Road Map to Student Achievement; Case Study 9B. School Climate Reform at Upper Merion Area Middle School; CHAPTER 10. The Case for Prosocial Education: Service Learning as Community Building; Case Study 10A. Service Learning Success in Philadelphia; Case Study 10B. Service Learning in Mineola High School; Case Study 10C. Service Learning in Practice: Lake Riviera Middle School
CHAPTER 11. Social and Emotional Learning and Prosocial Education: Theory, Research, and ProgramsCase Study 11A. Implementing the PATHS Program in Birmingham, UK; Case Study 11B. Roots of Empathy; Case Study 11C. "The Missing Piece in Schooling": Social and Emotional Learning; CHAPTER 12. Supporting Educational Goals through Cultivating Mindfulness: Approaches for Teachers and Students; Case Study 12A. Learning to BREATHE; Case Study 12B. Implementing the Cultivating Awareness and Resilience in Education (CARE) Program; CHAPTER 13. Positive Youth Development
Case Study 13A. Integrating Six Developmental Pathwaysin the Classroom: The Synergy between Teacher and StudentsCase Study 13B. Children First: It Starts with You; Case Study 13C. Positive Youth Development: Positive Action at Farmdale Elementary School; CHAPTER 14. Prevention of Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying; Case Study 14A. Lynch Elementary School Bullying Prevention Program; Case Study 14B. Team LEAD-Leadership, Empathy, Accountability, and Discussion: Addressing Social Aggression through Bystander Leadership Groups
Case Study 14C. Building a Bullying Prevention Program from the Ground Up: Students as the Key
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
Brown, Philip, 1942-
Corrigan, Michael W.
Higgins-D'Alessandro, Ann.
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