Maximus the Confessor as a European philosopher / edited by Sotiris Mitralexis, Georgios Steiris, Marcin Podbielski, Sebastian Lalla.

Eugene, Oregon : Cascade Books, [2017]
xxiv, 341 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
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Maximus the Confessor as a European Philosopher International Colloquium (2014 : Freie Universität Berlin)
Veritas (Eugene, Oregon) ; 25.
Veritas ; 25

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Maximus, Confessor, Saint, approximately 580-662 -- Congresses.
Maximus, Confessor, Saint, approximately 580-662.
Philosophy -- Byzantine Empire.
Philosophy, Medieval.
Byzantine Empire.
Conference papers and proceedings.
"The study of Maximus the Confessor's thought has flourished in recent years: international conferences, publications and articles, new critical editions and translations mark a torrent of interest in the work and influence of perhaps the most sublime of the Byzantine Church Fathers. It has been repeatedly stated that the Confessor's thought is of eminently philosophical interest. However, no dedicated collective scholarly engagement with Maximus the Confessor as a philosopher has taken place--and this volume attempts to start such a discussion. Apart from Maximus' relevance and importance for philosophy in general, a second question arises: should towering figures of Byzantine philosophy like Maximus the Confessor be included in an overview of the European history of philosophy, or rather excluded from it--as is the case today with most histories of European philosophy? Maximus' philosophy challenges our understanding of what European philosophy is. In this volume, we begin to address these issues and examine numerous aspects of Maximus' philosophy--thereby also stressing the interdisciplinary character of Maximian studies"--Publisher's description.
"Eschatological teleology," "free dialectic," "metaphysics of the resurrection" : the three antinomies that make Maximus an alternative European philosopher / Dionysios Skliris
A metaphysics of holomerism / Torstein Theodor Tollefsen
Being moved : St. Maximus between Anaxagoras and Kierkegaard / John Panteleimon Manoussakis
The system of relations as a pattern of historicity in the metaphysics of St. Maximos the confessor / Smilen Markov
An introduction to Aristotle's theory of motion as a precursor to Maximus' understanding of motion / Michail Mantzanas
Maximus' theory of motion : motion κατά φύσιν. returning motion, motion παρά φύσιν / Sotiris Mitralexis
"A greater and more hidden word" : Máximos the confessor and the nature of language / Maximos Constas
Both mere man and naked god : the incarnational logic of apophasis in St. Maximus the confessor / Jordan Daniel Wood
Roots of scientific objectivity in the Quaestiones ad Thalassium / Michael Harrington
The theo-phenomenology of negation in Maximus the Confessor between negative theology and apophaticism / Natalie Depraz
St. Maximos' distinction between λόγος and τρόπος and the ontology of the person / Andrew Louth
The conceptual apparatus of Maximus the Confessor and contemporary anthropology / Georgi Kapriev
The face of the soul, the face of God : Maximus the Confessor and πρόσωπον / Marcin Podbielski
The philosophical basis of Maximus' concept of sexes : the reasons and purposes of the distinction between man and woman / Karolina Kochańczyk-Bonińska
Analogical ecstasis : Maximus the Confessor, Plotinus, Heidegger, and Lacan / Nicholas Loudovikos
Man as co-creator : reflections on the theological insights of St. Maximus the Confessor within a contemporary interdisciplinary context / Stoyan Tanev
Aὺτεξούσιος activity as assent or co-actuality? compatibilism, natural law, and the maximian synthesis / Demetrios Harper
Creation anticipated : maximian reverberations in bonaventure's exemplarism / Justin Shaun Coyle
The oneness of God as unity of persons in the thought of St. Maximus the Confessor / Vladimir Cvetković
Seeking Maximus the Confessor's philosophical sources : Maximus the Confessor and Al-Farabi on representation and imagination / Georgias Steiris
Appendix : philosophy and theology - the Byzantine model / Georgi Kapriev.
"The international colloquium entitled 'Maximus the Confessor as a European Philosopher,' which took place at the Freie Universität Berlin's Institute of Philosophy from the 26th to the 28th of September 2014, formed the basis of this volume--which, however, has since been enriched with further studies relevant to its research focus"--Page xxiv.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Mitralexis, Sotiris, editor.
Steirēs, Geōrgios, editor.
Podbielski, Marcin, editor.
Lalla, Sebastian, editor.
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