Dār al-islām, dār al-ḥarb : territories, people, identities / edited by Giovanna Calasso and Giuliano Lancioni.

Leiden ; Boston : Brill, [2017]
Studies in Islamic law and society ; 1384-1130 v. 40.
Studies In islamic law and society, 1384-1130 ; volume 40
vii, 450 pages ; 25 cm
Islam -- Relations.
Dār al-ḥarb.
Dhimmis (Islamic law).
Islam and world politics.
Interfaith relations.
In English and Arabic.
Concepts, words, historical realities of a "classical" dichotomy / Giovanna Calasso
Constructing and deconstructing the Dar al-Islam / Dar al-ḥarb opposition between sources and studies / Giovanna Calasso
The dmssing dar on collocations in classical Arabic dictionaries / Giuliano Lancioni
The perception of the others, Rum and Franks (tenth-twelfth centuries) / Yaacov Lev
Some observations on Dar al-ḥarb / Dar al-Islam in the Imami context / Biancamaria Scarcia Amoretti
Naming the enemy's land: definitions of dar al-ḥarb in Ibn al-Mubarak's Kitab al-Jihad / Roberta Denaro
6 Dar al-Islam / dar al-ḥarb in the Tafsir by Ibn Jarir al-Tabari and in early traditions / Roberto Tottoli
The Qurʼanic foundations of the Dar al-Islam / dar al-ḥarb dichotomy: an unusual hypothesis / Raoul Villano
Dar al-Islam et dar al-ḥarb : quelques reflexions a propos de la geographie theologico-politique sunnite classique, en regard du Kitab al-Muhadhdhab d'Abu Isḥaq al-Sirazi (m. 476/1083) / Eric Chaumont = An unknown minority between the Dar al-ḥarb and the Dar al-Islam / Francisco Apellaniz
Some observations on the concept of dar al-jahd in the Ottoman context (XVI-XVII c.) / Nicola Melis
Some Notes on Dar al-ḥarb in early al-Andalus / Maribel Fierro and Luis Molina
Les emirs d'Iran nord-oriental face aux steppes turques (IXe-XIe siecle) : entre legitimation, confrontation et cohabitation / Camille Rhone
Dar al-Islam ou Bilad al-rum ? Le cas de l'Anatolie turque au Moyen-Age / Michel Balivet
Une appartenance controversee : trois moments dans le debat autour du statut du bilad al-Sudan / Francesco Zappa
Faith as territory: Dar al-Islam and Dar al-ḥarb in modern Shiʻi sufism / Alessandro Cancian
Dar al-Islam and Darul Islam: from political ideal to territorial reality / Chiara Formichi
Dar al-Islam and Dar al-ḥarb in modern Indian Muslim thought / Yohanan Friedmann
Better barr al-jadw than dar al-ḥarb: some considerations about eighteenth-century Magribi chronicles / Antonino Pellitteri
Muḥammad Bayram's Risala fi dar al-ḥarb wa-suknaha: a modern reinterpretation of living in Dar al-ḥarb / Francesca Romana Romani and Eleonora Di Vincenzo
Concluding remarks: the terminological array / Giuliano Lancioni.
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
Calasso, Giovanna, editor.
Lancioni, Giuliano, editor.
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