Urban life : readings in the anthropology of the city / [edited by] George Gmelch, Robert V. Kemper, Walter P. Zenner.

Long Grove, IL : Waveland Press, [2018]
xii, 519 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
6th edition.

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Other Title:
Readings in the anthropology of the city
Urban anthropology.
Sociology, Urban.
Pt. 1. Urban fieldwork : anthropologists in cities. Anthropological fieldwork in cities / George M. Foster and Robert V. Kemper
Networks, neighborhoods, and markets : fieldwork in Tokyo / Theodore C. Bestor
Nomads in the city : studying Irish Travellers / Sharon Bohn Gmelch
Moscow encounters : ethnography in a global urban village / Melissa L. Caldwell
Fieldwork in the corporate offices of Jakarta, Indonesia / William Leggett
Student fieldworkers in village and city / George Gmelch and Sharon Bohn Gmelch
Shadowing as a Methodology: Notes from Research in Strasbourg, Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Milan / Oguz Alyanak, Sherria Ayuandini, Guillermo Martin-Saiz, and Lauren Crossland-Marr
pt. 2. Urban communities. Urban danger : life in a neighborhood of strangers / Sally Engle Merry
The edge and the center : gated communities and the discourse of urban fear / Setha M. Low^^^ ^ Rethinking camps : Palestinian refugees in Damascus, Syria / Nell Gabiam
Families, Friends, Neighbors, and Communities in Chinese Cities / William Jankowiak and Robert L. Moore.
Thick Connections: daily life in an urban community in Egypt / Farha Ghannam. Beyond urban and rural communities in the 21st century / Walter P. Zenner. pt. 3^ Urban structure, Inequality, and Survival How urban ethnography counters myths about the poor / Judith Goode
How urban ethnography counters myths about the poor / Judith Goode
Office work and the crack alternative among Puerto Rican drug dealers in East Harlem / Philippe Bourgois
The view from the front desk : addressing homelessness and the homeless in Dallas / Julie Adkins
Gangs, poverty, and the future / James Diego Vigil
"...And then the wall was knocked down": movements, politics, and the built environment in multiethnic Paris / Andrew Newman
^ Neighbors and kin in Chinese cities / William Jankowiak
Caste, politics, and criminality in urban India / Jeffrey Witsoe
pt. 4. Migration and adaptation. The extended community : migration and transformation in Tzintzuntzan, Mexico / Robert V. Kemper
A West Indian life in Britain / George Gmelch
First Nations migration : the case of Western Canada / Martin Cooke and Danièle Bélanger^^^due
pt. 3^ Japanese Brazilian ethnic return migration / Takeyuki (Gaku) Tsuda
Cityward migration in comparative perspective / Caroline B. Brettell and Robert V. Kemper
pt. 5. Globalization and transnationalism. Transnationalism, old and new : New York immigrants / Nancy Foner
From Cuenca, Ecuador, to New York, U.S.A. : families and transnational lives / Ann Miles
Global transactions : Sudanese refugees sending money home / Dianna J. Shandy
Hyderabad : continuities and transformations / Karen Isaksen Leonard^^^ ^ Beyond urban and rural communities in the 21st century / Walter P. Zenner.
Includes bibliographical references.
Gmelch, George.
Kemper, Robert V., 1945-2013.
Zenner, Walter P.
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