Learning ArtRage/ with Gaeton Laprade.

Laprade, Gaeton speaker.
Carpenteria, CA::, 2015.
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Learn to use ArtRage to paint professional quality digital art, with the appearance of traditional media.
Learn how to use ArtRage 4 to create digital art in a traditional style. ArtRage utilizes 3D light rendering to enhance its traditional media-based tools and enrich how they interact with the canvas grain, to mimic true-to-life impasto effects and textures. Gaeton Laprade was an early adopter of the software, and has created ArtRage tutorials for Ambient Design. Now he shares his expertise with us. Join Gaeton as he shows how to set up the workspace, create your first painting, and start working with ArtRage's expressive tools, which respond just like traditional oils, pastels, watercolors, and pencils. Then learn to maximize the full potential of the program with the image editing, tracing, and cloning features. Gaeton even shares a method for recording your process, so you can share your own "joy of painting" with others.
Presenter: Gaeton Laprade
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