John Maeda on Design, Business, and Inclusion/ with John Maeda.

Maeda, John speaker.
Carpenteria, CA::, 2016.
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LinkedIn Influencer John Maeda discusses the link between inclusion and good design, and explains how businesses can create better products by understanding their users.
Good design is often associated with beauty. For LinkedIn Influencer John Maeda, a major figure in the field of design and technology, it isn't that simple. In this course, he argues that good design is more about outcome than aesthetics. For a business to develop better products, they must do more than pick a pleasing color scheme and slick layout; they must understand who their users are. In this course, John shares insights about the rise of design as a key component for innovative and growing businesses. He also points out three design growth areas?classical design, design thinking, and computational design?and shines a spotlight on the link between inclusion and design.
Presenter: John Maeda
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