Building a Physics-Based Platformer in GameMaker Studio Using GML/ with Steven Moser.

Moser, Steven speaker.
Carpenteria, CA::, 2017.
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Learn how to create a simple, runner-style game using the Box2D physics engine built into GameMaker: Studio. Learn how to move your players using only physics functions, set up static and dynamic obstacles, and more.
Mastering the Box2D physics engine included with GameMaker: Studio can open up a wide range of game design possibilities. By leveraging this powerful tool, you can create rules that govern how objects behave within your game world. In this course, learn how to create a simple, runner-style game using the Box2D physics engine built into GameMaker. Steven Moser explains how to set up the physics world for your game, move a player object using only physics functions, and create obstacles such as saws, spikes, and swinging blades. He also provides an introduction to liquid physics in Box2D?explaining how to create particles that behave like water and viscous poison?and shares how to decorate your level by building chains and rope bridges.
Presenter: Steven Moser
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