The future of religious minorities in the Middle East / edited by John Eibner.

Lanham, Maryland : Lexington, [2018]
xxv, 249 pages ; 24 cm

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Middle East -- Religion.
Religious minorities -- Middle East -- History -- 21st century.
Religious minorities.
Middle East.
Introduction / John Eibner
The anatomy of religious cleansing : non-Muslims in the Ottoman empire (1914–1918) (Boston, October 22, 2014) / Taner Akçam
Dhimmis no more : Christians’ trauma in the Middle East (Bern, March 7, 2012) / Daniel Pipes
Syria, the “Arab Spring,” and the future of Christians and other religious minorities (Zurich, June 12, 2012) / Habib Malik
Islamist majoritarian democracy in Egypt : what it means for religious minorities (Zurich, November 28, 2012) / Mariz Tadros
The “Arab Spring” and its aftermath : implications for Muslim–Christian relations (Zurich, May 30, 2013) / Michael Nazir-Ali
Preventing genocide in the Middle East : the continuing relevance of the Turkish experience and the problem of bias within the United Nations (Zurich, May 2, 2013) / Hannibal Travis
Remarks on the “Arab Spring” and religious minorities in a Shari’a-State (Zurich, November 19, 2013) / Bassam Tibi
The impact of the Arab uprisings on Dhimmitude : non-Muslims in the Middle East today (Geneva, March 20, 2014) / Bat Ye’or
The IS caliphate and the west’s wars in Syria and Iraq : a challenge to religious pluralism in the Middle East (Zurich, October 8, 2014) / Patrick Cockburn
Religious pluralism in the Middle East : a challenge to the international community (Boston, March 25, 2015) / Amine Gemayel
Revisiting Turkey’s policy toward religious minorities on the centenary of the Armenian genocide (Zurich, April 1, 2015) / Cengiz Aktar
Saudi regional interventions in the Middle East : consequences for local societies (Zurich, October 27, 2015) / Madawi Al-Rasheed
Can religious pluralism survive sectarian war in Syria and beyond? (Zurich, March 14, 2016) / Fabrice Balanche
ISIS, Christians, and national identity in the Middle East (Boston, April 7, 2016) / Joshua Landis
The persecution of Christians in today’s Middle East (Zurich, May 4, 2016) / Daniel Williams
The challenges of social pluralism in post-revolutionary Egypt (Zurich, June 14, 2016) / Mariz Tadros
Saddam Hussein, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and the Islamic State : can religious pluralism survive the onslaught? (Zurich, October 25, 2016) / William Warda
The Christians of Lebanon : surviving amidst chaos (Boston, November 9, 2016) / Marius Deeb
Social pluralism, religious cleansing and “hybrid warfare” in contemporary Syria (Pembroke, Oxford, November 22, 2016) / John Eibner
Christians of the holy land–exodus, disintegration, and ideological necrophilia (Zurich, May 22, 2017) / Franck Salameh.
Includes bobliographical references and index.
Eibner, John, editor.
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