Civil war in African states : the search for security / Ian S. Spears.

Spears, Ian S., author.
Boulder, Colorado : FirstForumPress, 2010.
1 online resource (293 p.)
National security -- Africa, Sub-Saharan.
Civil war -- Africa, Sub-Saharan.
Africa, Sub-Saharan -- Politics and government -- 1960-.
Electronic books.
""Book Title""; ""Table of Contents""; ""Acknowledgments""; ""1-The Search for Security in Africa""; ""Africa and the Politics of Survival""; ""Survival Strategies in African States""; ""Factors That Can Influence Strategy""; ""Qualifications on the Use of Strategy""; ""Conclusion""; ""Notes""; ""2-The Wars of Ethiopia and Eritrea""; ""The Origins of Eritrea�s Secessionism""; ""The Demise of the Haile Selassie Regime""; ""The Derg in Power""; ""The Derg�s Move to the Soviet Union""; ""The EPLF�s Secessionist Strategy and Consolidation of Power""; ""The TPLF�s Ambivalent Strategy""
""The TPLF�s Strategy of Domination in Tigray""""TPLF/EPLF Conflict, Cooperation and Coexistence""; ""The Weakening Derg""; ""The Victory of the TPLF in Addis Ababa and the EPLF in Asmara""; ""The TPLF/EPRDF Shares Power: A Strategy of Domination Realized""; ""The EPLF�s Independence Strategy Realized""; ""The Inevitable Clash? The 1998-2000 Ethiopian-Eritrean War""; ""Contemporary Ethiopia and Eritrea""; ""Conclusions""; ""Notes""; ""3-Unification and Quasi-Secession in Somalia""; ""Origins: People, Clan, and Geography""; ""European Penetration and Conflict""
""Independence and Unity for the Somalis""""Accounting for Somaliland�s Integrationist Strategy""; ""Civilian Rule and Somalia�s Undoing""; ""Military Rule""; ""Somalia�s Failed Invasion of the Ogaden""; ""Disillusionment in the North: Second Thoughts on an Integrationist Strategy""; ""The Hardening of Northern Sentiment Toward the South""; ""The Decision to Secede and the Experience of Independent Somaliland""; ""Somaliland�s Secessionist Strategy Made Public: The Declaration of Independence""; ""Reasserting Somaliland�s Secessionist Strategy""; ""Civil War in Somaliland""
""Egal�s Victory""""Multiparty Elections in Somaliland""; ""The Death of Egal: A Test for Somaliland Independence""; ""Conclusions""; ""Notes""; ""4-The Angolan Civil War""; ""Decolonization in Angola and the Emergence of the MPLA and UNITA""; ""UNITA Emboldened, the MPLA Recalcitrant: The Cold WarStand-Off""; ""The End of the Cold War: The Promise of Cooperation andIntegration""; ""A Negotiated Settlement""; ""Elections as Part of a Strategy of Domination""; ""The Return to War: Savimbi�s Shifting Strategy""; ""The MPLA Assumes a Dominant Position � and Offers to Share Power""
""Lusaka and the End of Integration""""Power-Sharing to Divide UNITA and Isolate Savimbi""; ""The MPLA Closes in on UNITA""; ""The MPLA Realizes Its Strategy of Domination""; ""Conclusions""; ""Notes""; ""5-The Search Continues""; ""Notes""; ""Bibliography""; ""Index""; ""About the Book""
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