Detecting concealed information and deception : recent developments / edited by J. Peter Rosenfeld.

San Diego, CA : Elsevier Academic Press, 2018.
xvii, 440 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Criminal investigation.
Physiological measures in the detection of deception and concealed information / Wolfgang Ambach and Matthias Gamer
Concealed information test : theoretical background / Nathalie klein Selle, Bruno Verschuere, and Gershon Ben-Shakhar
The external validity of studies examining the detection of concealed knowledge using the concealed information test / Gershon Ben-Shakhar and Tal Nahari
Physiological responses in the concealed information test : a selective review in the light of recognition and concealment / Isumi Matsude and Hirshi Nittono
Field findings from the concealed information test in Japan / Akemi Osugi
Effects of motivational manipulations on the P300-based complex trial protocol for concealed information detection / J. Peter Rosenfeld, Anne Ward, Joshua Wasserman, Evan Sita, Elena Davydova, and Elna Labkovsky
Detecting deception and concealed information with neuroimaging / Giorgio Ganis
Detecting concealed knowledge from ocular responses / Matthias Garner and Yoni Pertzov
Ocular-motor deception test / John C. Kircher
Deception detection with behavioral methods : the autobiographical implicit association test, concealed information test-reaction time, mouse dynamics, and keystroke dynamics / Giuseppe Sartori, Andrea Zangrossi, and Merylin Monaro
Challenges for the application of reaction time-based deception detection methods / Kristina Suchotzki
How to interview to elicit concealed information : introducing the shift-of-strategy (SoS) approach / Pär Anders Granhag and Timothy J. Luke
Verbal lie detection tools from an applied perspective / Aldert Vrij
The applicability of the verifiability approach to the real world / Galit Nahari
Personality, demographic, and psychophysiological correlates of people's self-assessed lying abilities / Eitan Elaad
Detecting concealed information on a large scale : possibilities and problems / Bennett Kleinberg, Yaloe van der Toolen, Arnoud Arntz, and Bruno Verschuere
Admissibility and constitutional issues of the concealed information test in American courts : an update / John B. Meixner, Jr.
Rosenfeld, J. Peter. editor
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