A shot in the dark. Nashville jumps.

Hambergen, Germany : Bear Family Records, [2014]
Sound recording
8 audio discs ; 4 3/4 in.
284 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 31 x 31 cm

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Other Title:
Nashville jumps
At head of title on container: Blues and rhythm on Nashville's independent labels, 1945-1955
Blues (Music) -- 1941-1950.
Blues (Music) -- 1951-1960.
Rhythm and blues music.
Popular music -- 1941-1950.
Popular music -- 1951-1960.
Bulleit, Jim, 1908-1988 -- Interviews.
Kittrell, Christine -- Interviews.
Carlock, Hutch -- Interviews.
Kittrell, Christine.
Popular music.
Blues (Music).
Rock music.
Rhythm and blues music.
Popular music.
Sound recordings.
Boogie woogie (Music)
Blues (Music)
Blues (Music)
Rhythm and blues music.
Boogie woogie (Music)
Rock music.
Popular music.
Interviews (Sound recordings)
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CD 1. Dig this boogie. Nashville jumps (2:54) ; Loose as a goose (2:32) (Cecil Gant)
Lightning struck the poor house (2:38) ; Dig this boogie (2:27) ; My baby's barrel house (2:46) ; Drinkin' by myself (2:36) (Wynonie Harris)
Train time blues (3:02) ; Sloppy Joe's (2:37) ; Boogie woogie baby (3:02) ; I'm all alone now (2:41) ; Anna Mae (2:33) ; Ninth Street jive (2:37) (C. Gant)
Evil man blues (Rudy Green Trio) (2:39)
No good woman blues (Rudy Green) (2:46)
Here comes the man with the gin (Red Calhoun) (2:30)
Boozie boogie (C. Gant) (2:34)
Florida blues (2:38) ; Buzzard pie (2:41) (Rudy Green Orchestra)
Goin' down slow (3:10) ; I ain't done nothing wrong (2:45) (St. Louis Jimmy)
I believe I'll go back home (2:52) ; I wonder (2:46) (C. Gant)
Get up those stairs madamoiselle (2:47) ; Signifying monkey (2:42) ; You sure look good to me (2:38) (Big Three Trio)
Sherman's boogie (2:47) ; Keep your man at home (2:51) ; I'm lucky with my brown gal (2:41) (Sherman Williams).
CD 2. Rocking the blues. Baby don't you want to go (Sherman Williams) (2:42)
Three little girls (2:28) ; Another day another dollar (2:31) (Cecil Gant)
My flamin' gal (Red head blues) (2:43) ; Baby please don't go (Skippy's blues) (2:41) (S. Williams)
Hard times (Smokey Hogg) (2:35)
I'm a good man but a poor man (2:25) ; Cecil's jam session (2:27) (C. Gant)
Bewildered (Red Miller Trio) (2:58)
I ain't gonna cry no more (C. Gant) (2:37)
Ooh wee baby gee (S. Williams) (2:35)
You've gotta reap what you sow (2:49) ; Move back to the woods (2:36) (Walter Davis)
Delinquency blues (3:17) ; Sting-a-ree (2:44) (Max Blues [Scatman] Bailey)
Miss Martha King (2:40) ; When your baby packs up and goes (2:26) (B.B. King)
Rocking the blues (Max Blues [Scatman] Bailey) (2:35)
Let's go to the liquor store (2:41) ; I love my baby (2:31) (Tuff Green)
Got the blues (2:46) ; Take a swing with me (2:31) (B.B. King)
Candy man blues (Roosevelt Sykes) (2:30)
What's the matter (2:54) ; You can't do me right (2:32) (C. Gant)
Play your hand (Doc Wiley) (2:55)
Gonna bring my baby back (2:25) ; Beer bottle boogie (3:00) (Mr. Swing [Rufus Thomas] with Bobby Plater's Orchestra).
CD 3. Certainly all. Private property blues (2:54) ; Baby I don't need you now (2:48) (Don Q and his Q Tones)
Jivin' woman (2:45) ; She's a married woman (2:39) (Joe Williams)
I just can't help it (Walter Davis) (2:36)
Bullet boogie (2:21) ; So tired (2:25) ; Take it and get (2:16) (Cecil Gant)
Lonely nights (Walter Davis) (2:34)
Chili-dogs (Dusty Brooks) (2:34)
Don't get excited (2:51) ; T C blues (2:38) (Tucker Coles)
My baby left me (2:17) ; Darling you know I love you (2:13) (Little Eddie)
House rockers jamboree (2:20) (T. Coles)
Why don't you let me be (2:23) ; Cadillac blues (2:36) (J.D. Horton)
Don't let that music die (2:36) ; Till the day I die (2:34) ; Goodbye Mr. Blues (2:48) ; Why do you do me like you do (2:28) ; Appetite blues (2:33) (Big Three Trio)
Raid on Cedar Street (Tom [Shy Guy] Douglas) (2:30)
Payday lover (2:17) ; I want to know (2:05) (Vivian Verson)
Feelin' sad (2:33) ; Certainly all (2:09) (Eddie Jones [Guitar Slim])
Every Monday morning blues (3:07) ; High tone mama (2:45) (Walter "Tang" Smith).
CD 4. Almost boogie. Love me a long long time (2:19) ; The road (2:59) (Daddy Dean Orchestra)
Gene Nobles' boogie (Richard Armstrong) (2:36)
Late hour blues (The BlueJacks) (3:03)
Boogie woogie jockey (Jimmy Sweeney) (2:49)
Steam pressing woman (2:26) ; If you love me baby (2:52) (Tommy Brooks)
Pitch a boogie woogie (2:31) ; I got a feelin' (3:19) (Charles Ruckles)
Almost boogie (2:37) ; Wine hangover (2:53) (Louis Brooks)
Hey little girl (2:35) ; Love you baby (3:00) (Bernard Hardison)
Walking in a daze (3:11) ; I go for that (2:43) (Billie McAllister)
I got a big fat daddy (Helen Foster) (3:01)
Don't do it (3:29) ; Old man you're slipping (2:52) (Christine Kittrell)
Well alright baby (2:47) ; 31 E. blues (2:35) (B. McAllister)
I want a slice of your puddin' (2:57) ; If you see my lover (3:01) (Julius King)
Changeable woman (2:52) ; It sure costs money to live (2:52) (Robert Tucker)
Keep pushing (L. Brooks) (2:25)
Mississippi boogie (3:08) ; One o'clock boogie (3:00) (J. King).
CD 5. Sittin' here drinking. Sittin' here drinking (3:26) ; I ain't nothing but a fool (1:56) ; Heartache blues (2:55) ; You ain't nothin' but trouble (2:08) (Christine Kittrell)
No better for you (2:42) ; Tired of being shoved around (3:00) (Gay Crosse)
Oop-de-doo (2:03) ; You belong to me (2:54) (Helen Foster)
Slave to love (3:08) ; Gotta stop loving you (3:04) (C. Kittrell)
Easy rockin' (2:50) ; G.C. rock (2:26) (G. Crosse)
Somebody somewhere (H. Foster) (2:12)
I'll help you baby (2:39) ; L & N special (2:30) ; Every night of the week (2:37) ; Evil eyed woman (3:02) ; The price you pay for love (3:13) ; Snake in the grass (2:45) (C. Kittrell)
I only had a little (Robert Gill) (2:39)
Lord have mercy (3:01) ; Sittin' here drinkin' again (3:33) ; Leave my man alone (3:10) ; Call his name (2:22) (C. Kittrell)
Too much (2:21) ; Come to me baby (2:43) (Bernard Hardison)
If you ain't sure (2:30) ; Black cat crossed my trail (2:22) (C. Kittrell)
Deep blues (Jimmy Sweeney) (2:19).
CD 6. Nashville after midnight. Back alley boogie (2:42) ; Nashville after midnight (2:46) (Sherman Johnson)
You've gotta stop this mess (2:40) ; Glad I don't worry no more (2:17) (The Fat Man with Sunnyland Slim)
It's so fine (3:00) ; Tom tom boogie (2:33) ; Hear my story (3:14) ; Dyna-flow (2:18) (Jack Cooley)
Allotment blues (Charlie Dowell Orchestra with Willie [Lee] Patton) (2:53)
I let him move me (Del Thorne) (2:59)
Brown skin woman blues (Little Maxie [Scatman] Bailey) (2:39)
Detroit arrow (2:55) ; New Memphis blues (2:52) (Shy Guy [Tom] Douglas)
Skip's boogie (2:55) ; Banana split (3:04) (Kid King's Combo)
Happy go lucky (Good Rocking Beasley) (2:54)
Things gonna change (The Leap Frogs) (2:42)
Fly chick blues (D. Thorne) (2:53)
Gimmick (Kid King's Combo) (3:05)
Love me baby (2:34) ; Yeah it's true (2:45) (Bernie Hardison)
I'm so sad (Roosevelt Lee) (3:02)
She was all I had (2:53) ; Best of friends (2:41) (Dixie Doodlers)
I'm your country man (2:43) ; Wasted time (2:49) (Shy Guy [Tom] Douglas).
CD 7. Blues after hours. Driving down the highway (2:38) ; Watch on (2:31) (Blue Flamers)
Late every evening (2:46) ; Poppin' (2:28) (Tommy McGhee)
Bus station blues (Louis Brooks) (2:33)
She's my kinda girl (2:46) ; No place like home (2:27) (Shy Guy [Tom[Douglas)
The natural facts (2:29) ; Gotta have you baby (2:43) (Louis Campbell)
Please give me your love (Bobby Prince) (2:41)
Blues after hours (2:28) ; Baby let's play house (2:42) (Arthur Gunter)
What am I gonna do (Beulah Bryant) (2:29)
Now listen baby (Kid King's Combo) (2:35)
You are doin' me wrong (A. Gunter) (2:44)
Lonesome for my baby (Slim [Howard] Hunt) (2:48)
It's love baby (L. Brooks with Earl Gaines) (2:36)
Rollin' stone (Marigolds) (2:51)
No happy home (2:36) ; Honey babe (2:32) (A. Gunter)
Love you-love you-love you (Marigolds) (2:51)
Johnny Mae (Blues Rockers) (2:50)
Baby baby what's wrong (E. Gaines) (2:40)
Driftwood blues (Crown Prince Waterford) (2:36)
That's what they want (Jerry McCain) (2:19)
Love love love (Ted Jarrett) (2:31)
Don't let Daddy Slow walk you down (Good Rockin' Sam [Beasley]) (2:52)
My mumblin' baby (Rudy Green) (2:17)
Pleadin' for love (Larry Birdsong) (2:31).
CD 8. Interviews. Jim Bulleit (39:21)
Christine Kittrell (25:46)
Hutch Carlock (7:50).
Various performers.
"Revised April 2014"--Page 166 in book.
Reissues, originally ℗1946-℗1956.
Accompanying book by Martin Hawkins includes history of Nashville recording, studios, performers and labels; liner notes in book by Hawkins and Hank Davis.
Bear Family Records: BCD 15864 HL (BCD 15864-1 HL--BCD 15864-8 HL).
Title from disc label.
Hawkins, Martin.
Davis, Hank, 1941-
Gant, Cecil, 1913-1951.
Harris, Wynonie, 1915-1969.
Green, Rudy.
Calhoun, Red.
Oden, St. Louis Jimmy.
Williams, Sherman (Musician : Nashville, Tenn.)
Hogg, Smokey, 1914-1960.
Davis, Walter, 1912-1963.
Bailey, Scatman.
King, B. B.
Green, Tuff (Richard)
Sykes, Roosevelt.
Wiley, Arnold.
Thomas, Rufus, 1917-2001.
Williams, Big Joe, 1903-1982.
Brooks, Dusty.
Coles, Tucker.
Little Eddie.
Horton J. D. (Musician)
Douglas, Shy Guy.
Verson, Vivian.
Guitar Slim, 1926-1959.
Smith, Walter Tang (Trombonist)
Armstrong, Richard (Pianist)
Sweeney, Jimmy.
Brooks, Tommy.
Ruckles, Charles.
Brooks, Louis (Musician)
Hardison, Bernard.
McAllister, Billie.
Foster, Helen (Vocalist)
Kittrell, Christine.
King, Julius.
Crosse, Gay.
Tucker, Robert (Vocalist)
Gill, Robert (Musician)
Johnson, Sherman "Blues."
Fat Man.
Sunnyland Slim, 1907-1995.
Cooley, Jack.
Patton, Willie Lee.
Thorne, Del.
Beasley, Good Rockin' Sam.
Lee, Roosevelt.
McGhee, Tommy.
Campbell, Louis (Vocalist)
Prince, Bobby.
Gunter, Arthur.
Bryant, Beulah.
Hunt, Howard.
Gaines, Earl, 1935-2009.
Waterford, Crown Prince.
McCain, Jerry, 1930-2012.
Jarrett, Ted.
Birdsong, Larry.
Bulleit, Jim, 1908-1988.
Carlock, Hutch.
Plater, Bobby, 1914-1982.
Dowell, Charlie.
Rudy Green Trio.
Rudy Green Orchestra.
Big Three Trio.
Red Miller Trio.
Bobby Plater's Orchestra.
Don Q and his Q Tones.
Daddy Dean Orchestra.
Bluejacks (Musical group)
Charlie Dowell Orchestra.
Kid King's Combo.
Leap Frogs (Musical group)
Dixie Doodlers (Musical group : Blind James Campbell)
Blue Flamers (Musical group)
Marigolds (Musical group)
Blues Rockers (Musical group)
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BCD 15864 HL Bear Family Records
BCD 15864-1 HL Bear Family Records
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BCD 15864-3 HL Bear Family Records
BCD 15864-4 HL Bear Family Records
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