Triangular orthogonal functions for the analysis of continuous time systems [electronic resource] / Anish Deb, Gautam Sarkar, Anindita Sengupta.

Deb, Anish, 1951- author.
London : Anthem Press, 2011.
Cambridge books online.
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Functions, Orthogonal.
This book deals with a new set of triangular orthogonal functions, which evolved from the set of well known block pulse functions (BPF), a major member of the piecewise constant orthogonal function (PCOF) family.
Ch. 1 Walsh, Block Pulse, and Related Orthogonal Functions in Systems and Control
1.1. Orthogonal Functions and their Properties
1.2. Different Types of Nonsinusoidal Orthogonal Functions
1.3. Walsh Functions in Systems and Control
1.4. Block Pulse Functions in Systems and Control
1.5. Conclusion
ch. 2 A Newly Proposed Triangular Function Set and Its Properties
2.1. Walsh Functions and Related Operational Matrix for Integration
2.2. BPFs and Related Operational Matrices
2.3. Sample-and-Hold Functions [9]
2.4. From BPF to a Newly Defined Complementary Set of Triangular Functions
2.5. Piecewise Linear Approximation of a Square Integrable Function f(t)
2.6. Orthogonality of Triangular Basis Functions
2.7. A Few Properties of Orthogonal TF
2.8. Function Approximation via Optimal Triangular Function Coefficients
2.9. Conclusion
ch. 3 Function Approximation via Triangular Function Sets and Operational Matrices in Triangular Function Domain
3.1. Approximation of a Square Integrable Time Function f(t) by BPF and TF
3.2. Operational Matrices for Integration in Triangular Function Domain
3.3. Error Analysis
3.4. Comparison of Error for Optimal and Nonoptimal Representation via Block Pulse as well as Triangular Functions
3.5. Conclusion
ch. 4 Analysis of Dynamic Systems via State Space Approach
4.1. Analysis of Dynamic Systems via Triangular Functions
4.2. Numerical Experiment [2]
4.3. Conclusion
ch. 5 Convolution Process in Triangular Function Domain and Its Use in SISO Control System Analysis
5.1. Convolution Integral
5.2. Convolution in Triangular Function Domain [3]
5.3. Convolution of Two Time Functions in TF Domain
5.4. Numerical Experiment
5.5. Integral Squared Error (ISE) in TF Domain and Its Comparison with BPF Domain Solution
5.6. Conclusion
ch. 6 Identification of SISO Control Systems via State Space Approach
6.1. System Identification via State Space Approach
6.2. Numerical Example [6]
6.3. Conclusion
ch. 7 Solution of Integral Equations via Triangular Functions
7.1. Solution of Integral Equations via Triangular Functions
7.2. Conclusion
ch. 8 Microprocessor Based Simulation of Control Systems Using Orthogonal Functions
8.1. Review of Delta Function and Sample-and-Hold Function Operational Technique
8.2. Microprocessor Based Simulation of Linear Single-Input Single-Output (SISO) Sampled-Data Systems [7]
8.3. Conclusion
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Sarkar, Gautam Prasad, author.
Sengupta, Anindita, author.
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