New trends in noncommutative algebra : conference in honor of Ken Goodearl's 65th birthday, August 9-14, 2010, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington / P. Ara [and five others], editors.

Providence, Rhode Island : American Mathematical Society, [2012]
1 online resource (326 p.)
Contemporary mathematics (American Mathematical Society) ; v. 562.
Contemporary mathematics ; volume 562

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Noncommutative algebras -- Congresses.
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""Preface""; ""Ken Goodearl�s contributions to ring theory""; ""1. C*-algebras and von Neumann regular rings""; ""2. Differential operator rings.""; ""3. Skew and -skew polynomial rings. Quantum coordinate rings.""; ""4. Stratification.""; ""5. H-prime ideals, totally nonnegative grassmanians, and symplectic leaves in matrix Poisson varieties.""; ""6. Homological aspects of quantum groups and noetherian Hopf algebras.""; ""7. Gems off the path.""; ""8. Expository works.""; ""Bibliography""; ""Row-finite equivalents exist only for row-countable graphs""; ""References""
""The controller subgroup of one-sided ideals in completed group rings""""1. Introduction""; ""2. The controller subgroup for profinite groups""; ""3. Compact -adic analytic groups""; ""References""; ""Enumeration of torus-invariant strata with respect to dimension in the big cell of the quantum minuscule Grassmannian of type _{ }""; ""1. Introduction""; ""2. Cauchon diagrams and Permutations in type _{ }""; ""3. Enumeration of â??-strata with respect to dimension""; ""4. The proportion of primitive â??-primes""; ""References""
""Primitive algebraic algebras of polynomially bounded growth""""1. Introduction""; ""2. Gelfand-Kirillov dimension""; ""3. Affinization""; ""4. Algebraic algebras""; ""5. Affinization with two generators""; ""6. Questions""; ""Acknowledgments""; ""References""; ""Conic bundles and Clifford algebras""; ""1. Introduction""; ""2. Quadratic Forms over Schemes and Associated Conic Bundles""; ""3. Even Clifford Algebras""; ""4. Quaternion Algebras""; ""5. Brauer-Severi Varieties of Even Clifford Algebras""; ""6. Quaternion algebras of conic bundles""; ""7. Chern classes and - ³""
""8. Del Pezzo Orders and Conic Bundles""""References""; ""Cell modules and canonical basic sets for Hecke algebras from Cherednik algebras""; ""1. Introduction""; ""2. Hecke and Cherednik algebras""; ""3. Category and basic sets""; ""4. Forms and Standard Modules""; ""5. Type (â??,1, )""; ""References""; ""On representations of Clifford algebras of Ternary cubic forms""; ""1. Introduction""; ""2. Generalities on Representations of Generalized Clifford Algebras and Ulrich Bundles""; ""3. The Case of Ternary Cubic Forms""; ""References""; ""Certain subgroups of Weyl groups are split""
""1. Introduction""""2. Symmetric groups""; ""3. Direct products""; ""4. Wreath products""; ""5. Division algebras""; ""6. Schur indices""; ""7. Classical Weyl groups""; ""8. Exceptional Weyl groups""; ""9. Positive characteristic""; ""10. Real reflection groups""; ""11. Open questions""; ""References""; ""Primitive ideals in quantum â?? and â??""; ""0. Introduction""; ""1. Background and notation""; ""2. Torus-invariant prime ideals""; ""3. Localizations""; ""4. Centers of localizations""; ""5. Primitive ideals""; ""6. General consequences""; ""7. Appendix. Homological conditions""
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
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University of Washington, issuing body.
Goodearl, K. R., honouree.
Ara, Pere, 1959- editor.